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Hamilton Aircon: A premier air conditioning service provider

Hamilton Aircon: A premier air conditioning service provider

With the increasing temperatures maintaining a convenient working and living atmosphere is slowly emerging as the top priority of most of us. Air conditioning is emerging as an indispensable part of our everyday lives and you should also know about how air conditioning working. According to an article by NewYork Times, Air conditioning is indeed an item of luxury that has become almost a necessity. The availability of which allows the builders to build complex geometrical models of buildings and ensures that the productivity is not reduced due to the discomforts like the uncertain weather conditions. It acts as a shield against the harsh cold weather and cools us when the temperatures rise above normal. 

“For thousands of years before the invention of air-conditioning in 1902, humans survived high heat and humidity by constructing protective shelters and limiting their activity during the hottest times of the year” ~ Ed Bosco, New York Times.

While the air conditioning market is overwhelmed with new and variety of brands that are being introduced now and then, the quality assurance, however, gets compromised among the desire to be innovative and maintain the service standards. 

So are you looking for a premier air conditioning service for commercial as well as a residential setup? 

Checklist to make before settling down with an air conditioning service

Do they offer profitable brands for installation?

Not every air conditioning company offers the best brands in business due to cost-cutting schemes. You should look out for the companies that have excellent and well-known brands. You should also ensure that the air conditioning service company should give you reasonable and be honest with their pricing and not get overboard.  

Do their services cover regular maintenance?

Air conditioning units require maintenance checks at regular intervals to ensure smooth functioning of the units. Your air conditioning service company should cover these maintenance services. 

Do they have expert AC installers and brand-specific engineers?

There are times when even if the company claims to have qualified engineers and installers, the customers’ experience quite the opposite service quality. You should always read up the reviews and the customer experiences before settling down on a company. Their engineers and installers should not only ensure that the installation and maintenance are done correctly, but also provide you with expert solutions in case of problems.

Now that we are done making a checklist let’s go over the well-known air conditioning company, Hamilton and see whether it fulfils our demands.

The brands that Hamilton Air Conditioning has to offer are:

  • The Daikin air conditioning unit

The Daikin Air Conditioning London is a game-changer as it emphasises using renewable energy all credits to its inverter technology that is integrated into its air conditioners. Thus the Daikin air conditioners are environmentally friendly. Since they do not invest in using excess energy, they serve you a cost-friendly cooling experience that does not pinch hard on the budget.

The most notable feature of Daikin Air conditioning units is the Neo Swing compressor technology that ensures a smooth, less frictional and vibrating rotation. 

The goodness of Daikin, with the expertise of engineers makes Hamilton Air Conditioning a deadly and most efficient combination. 

  • Toshiba air conditioning unit

The Toshiba air conditioning has been there in the air conditioner market since the past three decades. Its inverter technology and energy-efficient technology was among the first brands. Toshiba air conditioning units have DC hybrid inverter systems and stand first in the line of innovation and nature.

The air conditioning contractors often claim that they get several requests at Hamilton, for installation of a Toshiba air conditioner. Toshiba air conditioners put to practicality the technologies like Pulse Amplitude and Pulse width Modulation in their inverters; thus, as a result, furnishes the building with a cooling that is seamless.

It comes with an aqua resin coating that preserves the longevity of the coil.

  • Mitsubishi air conditioning units

The next popular air conditioning service is the Mitsubishi air conditioning units. Mitsubishi air conditioning units offer options for cooling the rooms according to the preferences of the customers. Their M series is specially designed to cool varying spaces from medium to large to small spaces and even create indoor to outdoor units. A flexible air conditioning service that leaves no stone unturned when catering to the needs of the customers, Mitsubishi air conditioning services at Hamilton, offer both commercial and residential air conditioning. 

Hamilton Air Conditioning covers the installations and the repair services that ensure your cooling experience is not halted at any cost. 

  • Fujitsu air conditioning unit

The Fujitsu, air conditioning unit, is yet another such air conditioning brand that ensures and is committed to delivering higher standards of cooling experience even at the higher soaring temperatures. They have ductless heat pumps and inverter technology that assure a peaceful and less noisy environment. 

Why choose Hamilton Aircon for your air conditioning units?

  • Expert AC installers ensure holistic solutions- The AC installers and engineers at Hamilton expertise in the brands that they offer air conditioning supports and services. The specialised team ensures that the quality of the brand does not get compromised when the air conditioning units, be it at residential or commercial, requires repair and maintenance. 
  • Not only do the experts assist with the repairs and maintenance, but they also ensure that the process of installation does not hamper or come in the way of the aim of the air conditioning brand. The experts of the air conditioning units are committed to providing innovative solutions that your building needs, and curate the seamless service that guarantees the environmental, energy-saving.
  • The air conditioners that require regular maintenance services along with other specific needs during the installation are catered to by the specialised teams of that brand.

When it comes to air conditioning, why look for any other services when you have the best in business, the Hamilton Air Conditioning. Their precisely curated brands integrate the features of both cooling and heat pumps with utmost efficiency. The company is indeed known to be the best air conditioning in London.

Matthew Connery
By: Matthew Connery

Matthew Connery is the Director of Hamilton Air Conditioning in London. He is a skilled Business Strategist who delivers energy-efficient and cost-saving solutions to commercial and domestic clients from leading air conditioning brands. 

Dec 01 2020