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 Rising Demand for Portable AC Units

The demand for portable air conditioner energy efficient solutions in homes and offices across London is on the rise, driven by escalating temperatures and severe heat waves.  The increasing demand highlights the necessity for versatile and effective cooling solutions. Portable AC units provide a convenient and cost-effective solution for compact areas, gaining popularity in a range of industries such as retail and commercial settings.

Premier Portable Air Con Solutions

Discover the best portable aircon unit options in London with Hamilton Air Conditioning. Experience the perfect balance of convenience and energy efficiency with our carefully selected portable air conditioners. Whether facing a sudden heatwave or an unexpected breakdown, our top portable AC units provide a reliable and flexible cooling solution, ensuring continuous comfort and productivity.

Types of Portable Air Conditioners We Install

Hamilton Air Conditioning installs various types of portable air conditioners to suit every need and space:

single-hose services in london

Single-Hose Units

Ideal for small to medium-sized rooms, offering efficient cooling with a simple setup.

dual-hose services in london

Dual-Hose Units

Best for larger areas or rooms that heat up quickly, providing faster cooling by drawing in fresh air.

evaporative coolers

Evaporative Coolers

A great option for drier climates, using water to cool the air for a refreshing environment.

smart portable air conditioners

Smart Portable Air Conditioners

Wi-Fi-enabled units that offer convenience through smartphone control and integration with smart home systems.

floor standing services in london

Floor Standing Units

Offering flexibility in placement, these can be moved easily from room to room and are perfect for spaces where window or wall installation isn't feasible.

tower cooling services in london

Tower Cooling Units

Sleek and stylish, these units fit well in modern interiors, offering powerful cooling and a small footprint.

Spaces Benefiting From Our Portable Air Conditioning Services

Our portable air conditioning services cater to a diverse range of spaces, ensuring comfort and efficiency wherever needed:

offices & workspaces services in london

Offices & Workspaces

Enhancing productivity by maintaining a comfortable working environment.

residential properties services in london

Residential Properties

Providing relief during hot summer days in homes and apartments.

schools & universities services in london

Schools & Universities

Ensuring a conducive learning atmosphere for students and staff

retail shops services in london

Retail Shops

Keeping customers comfortable, thereby potentially increasing dwell time and sales.

events & marquees services in london

Events & Marquees

Offering cooling solutions for weddings, corporate events, and other gatherings.

server rooms & data centers services in london

Server Rooms & Data Centers

Protecting sensitive equipment from overheating and preventing data loss.

Portable Air Conditioner ‘Near Me’ in London

Portable air conditioners provide remarkable flexibility. Unlike their permanent counterparts, these units can be simply relocated to wherever they're required most, making them suitable for London's diverse living areas, from modest apartments to large workplaces. Choosing Hamilton means working with a local specialist who knows the specific requirements of London residents. Our in-depth understanding of the city's climate and infrastructure allows us to deliver bespoke solutions that match your individual needs.

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Cost Factors for Portable Air Conditioners

The cost of portable or freestanding air conditioners normally ranges from £150 to £400, depending on the features and specifications of the device.

  • Energy Consumption and Cost: Portable air conditioner operating costs are important. Based on a 34p power cost per unit, portable air conditioners cost 34p to 85p per hour for 1000-watt units and 2500-watt units, respectively. Air conditioners with greater BTU ratings may remove more heat, but may have higher power and running costs​.
  • BTU Rating and Room Size:  For effective cooling, it’s essential to match the air conditioner’s BTU rating to the room’s dimensions. Based on the measurements of the space, a standard formula may assist in determining the necessary BTU rating. Nonetheless, a larger BTU rating could be required for spaces with high ceilings, lots of people, close proximity to kitchens, or plenty of natural light.
  • Ventilation Requirements: For portable air conditioners to operate well, there must be enough ventilation. To exhaust hot air outside, most units come with a venting kit. The effectiveness of the unit may be greatly impacted by making sure the vent is well sealed. Insufficient sealing might force the air conditioner to work harder, raising the cost of operation.

Matching Your Room Size with the Perfect Portable Air Conditioner

Understanding the particular energy needs for various room sizes ensures that your area is adequately cooled without wasting electricity.

  • Small Rooms (Up to 200 sq ft): A portable air conditioner with a capacity of around 5,000 to 8,000 BTUs is usually enough for modest places, such as studio flats, home offices, or small bedrooms. The energy-efficient design of these units ensures that your room is pleasant without using excessive amounts of electricity. They also provide excellent cooling for smaller spaces.
  • Medium Rooms (200-400 sq ft): To keep a cool temperature in medium-sized rooms, such as living rooms, regular bedrooms, or smaller open-plan spaces, slightly more energy is needed. It is often advised to use portable air conditioners with 8,000–12,000 BTUs in these areas. They achieve the ideal equilibrium between energy efficiency and cooling capacity, creating a cosy atmosphere without taking up too much space.
  • Large Rooms (400+ sq ft): A reliable cooling solution is required in larger rooms such as expansive living areas, open office spaces, or commercial settings. Portable air conditioners with a capacity of 12,000 BTUs or above are excellent for these settings. They are designed to effectively cool greater spaces, ensuring that every part of the room is comfortable, even on the warmest days.
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Buy Portable Air Conditioners From Hamilton Today!

Don’t let the heat get to you. Hamilton Air Conditioning offers a smooth, pleasant, and effective cooling experience. Our commitment to excellent service, along with our vast selection of top portable air conditioners, makes us the chosen option for consumers across London and beyond. Call Hamilton Air Conditioning at 020 8202 4540 to get your portable air conditioner now and enjoy a cooler, more pleasant atmosphere. Our staff is ready to serve you with high-quality service and support.

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