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Daikin is one of the world’s largest, oldest, most reliable, and possibly the best air conditioning company today, period! Daikin’s air conditioning expertise dates back to several decades where they have been building robust and highly reliable systems – from multi-split and packaged to split, VRV and chilled water systems for residential, commercial and industrial use. 

If you’re looking for an energy-efficient cooling solution for your home, office or commercial facility, you just can’t go wrong with a Daikin air conditioning unit – they are a leader in renewable energy and Daikin air conditioning London systems boast some of the best inverter technology in existence today to help you save a few hundred pounds off your electricity bill and reduce your environmental footprint. 

Hamilton Air Conditioning is a certified Daikin air conditioning London contractor, specializing in the installation, repair and maintenance of a broad range of Daikin air conditioning systems. If you are looking to install a brand new Daikin air conditioning unit, our skilled, certified and licensed engineers would be happy to visit your premises to assess your requirements and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. 

Easy and Hassle Free Daikin Air Conditioning Unit Installation, Service & Maintenance 

Having been a Daikin air conditioning partner for decades, Hamilton Air Conditioning’s team of certified installers are well-versed in all aspects of Daikin air conditioning London installation, repair, service and maintenance. 

It’s very important to work with a certified installer, as it ensures that your Daikin air conditioning unit not only performs as intended but also lasts its intended life. If you already have Daikin air conditioning units installed in your property, our team can conduct checks to ensure that they are all functioning normally. Timely checkups and maintenance are something that can save you from some very costly repairs down the line, so it really pays to schedule regular maintenance visits. 

If one of your Daikin air conditioning systems has broken down or isn’t cooling/heating as per their full capacity, please let us know. We provide upfront quotes for repairs and always share costs in a transparent manner where (if any) replacement parts are covered under a full 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. 


Are Daikin Air Conditioners Popular?

The environmentally friendly refrigerant R-32 is used in Daikin air conditioners, emits 75% less CO2, has zero potential to contribute to ozone depletion, and provides the greatest overall life-cycle climate performance. Not only is R-32 the most stable of all refrigerants, but it is also very simple to recycle.

Do You Offer Daikin Air Conditioning Installation?

As licensed contractors for Daikin air conditioning systems. Our skilled professionals provide high-quality installation services for domestic and commercial settings in London. Our HVAC specialists can assess your needs for cooling and offer a system that is just right for you while staying within your budget.

Do You Provide Daikin Air Conditioning Maintenance Services?

Air conditioners are expensive, so it's good to know that Hamilton Air Conditioning provides maintenance plans to keep your current Daikin product running at optimum efficiency for as long as possible. The maintenance plan can be tailored to match the demands of any household or enterprise, and it prevents malfunctions and keeps air conditioning equipment operating at peak efficiency.

What Is The Warranty On A Daikin Air Conditioner?

Relax as our helpful installers take care of everything and make sure your HVAC system is set in the right way. Daikin Has a minimum 5-year manufacturer's warranty with every product purchase.

When Should I Schedule An Appointment For Maintenance On My Daikin Air Conditioner?

Our experts suggest having a comprehensive service done on the air conditioner once a year. It's best to service your Daikin air conditioner just before the seasons' change.

What is the lifespan of Daikin air conditioners?

The actual functional life of a Daikin system is typically over 20 years, even though it is built for a normal useful life of 15 years. Because of this, we are confident enough to offer a guarantee that is longer than the one offered by any other manufacturer.

5 Years - Installation Warranty

After your initial purchase from us, we'll cover any necessary repairs or replacements for a full 5 years.

24/7 Client Support

We're available around the clock, 7 days a week, 24x7, to ensure that your calls are always returned as soon as possible.

100% Satisfaction

Your complete satisfaction is our top goal. We want our customers to know that they can count on receiving prompt, professional service.

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