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Your Partner for Commercial HVAC Needs

Hamilton Air Conditioning specialises in providing a comprehensive suite of commercial air conditioning services customised to the changing needs of diverse commercial settings around London. Whether you are in charge of a large industrial complex, a small shop, or a high-rise office, our skilled engineers are at the forefront of providing specialised commercial air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance services saving you thousands of pounds in the long run. 

Consultation and Personalised Site Surveys

Begin your road to a cooler, more pleasant business workplace with our no-obligation price and thorough site inspection.  During the visit, our surveyors carefully evaluate your area to calculate heat loads, analyse your company’s particular needs, and arrange the installation procedure in detail. Whether you are retrofitting an old unit or installing a new one, we are devoted to minimising disturbance to your company operations. We also provide flexible scheduling alternatives, such as weekend and after-hours installations, to meet your company demands.

Our AC Installation Process: A Step-By-Step Guide

Initial Inquiry and Consultation

Your journey begins with a direct inquiry to our team, where we gather initial details about your commercial space and air conditioning requirements. This step is crucial for tailoring our approach to meet your specific needs.

On-Site Survey and Assessment

A thorough on-site survey follows, conducted by our expert technicians. This assessment considers the building’s size, age, layout, and specific cooling requirements, ensuring that we design a system that fits perfectly within your space and meets all your need.

Customised Proposal and Quote

Based on the site survey, we prepare a detailed proposal and quote. This document outlines the recommended air conditioning solutions, including the types of units and the layout that would best serve your commercial space. It also provides a clear cost breakdown for transparency and decision-making ease​.

Project Planning and Scheduling

Upon agreement, we proceed with planning the installation project, including scheduling dates and coordinating any necessary preparations. Our aim is to ensure minimal disruption to your business operations, offering out-of-hours work where needed.

Professional Installation

Our certified and experienced technicians carry out the installation, adhering to the highest industry standards. We pride ourselves on a neat, efficient, and discreet installation process that respects your commercial environment and workflow.

Operational Training and Handover

Once the installation is complete, our engineers provide a comprehensive handover, including operational training on your new air conditioning system. This ensures that you and your staff are confident in using the system effectively.

Overcoming Installation Barriers: A Solution That Fits You Perfectly

Our HVAC solutions are designed with your specific requirements and limitations in mind, so you may benefit from a fully working commercial air conditioning system without facing typical installation obstacles.

Your One-Stop Shop for Complete Commercial AC Solutions

For all of your business space's HVAC needs in London, Hamilton Air Conditioning is your committed partner. Because of our vast industry expertise, we are aware of how important a running air conditioning system is to a pleasant and productive workplace.

Single-Split Systems

A practical and affordable alternative, single-split systems are best suited for smaller commercial areas. An outside compressor/condenser and an inside air-handling device make up the two primary parts of these systems. They provide a simple, adaptable solution for your comfort requirements and are ideal for heating or cooling specific rooms or zones. Even though they can only reach certain rooms or areas, many organisations choose them because of how simple they are to install and use.

Multi-Split Systems

These systems expand on the single-split model by enabling you to heat or cool many rooms using a single outside unit to link several inside units. This technology saves space and enables customised management and comfort in various areas of your property. Larger commercial buildings may especially benefit from it, since it allows for specific room controls without the visual clutter of many exterior units. An effective option for providing each person with a pleasant workstation is the multi-split system.

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems

Systems recognised for their energy efficiency and adaptability, variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems are appropriate for commercial buildings with different cooling requirements. Individual temperature control across zones or rooms in your workplace is possible with VRF systems, providing personalised comfort without sacrificing effectiveness. These systems, which provide excellent control and energy savings, are especially beneficial in big commercial environments such as hotels, schools, and high-rise workplaces.

RTUs, or rooftop units, or packaged systems

RTUs are a practical choice for commercial buildings since they can provide both heating and cooling, and they are usually mounted on the roof. Being self-contained, these systems may be an excellent way to save space by concealing the HVAC system and freeing up important office space. They can withstand the rigours of bigger business venues and are made to last.

Chiller Systems

Because of their great capacity and efficiency, chiller systems are the system of choice for big commercial buildings. These systems are perfect for applications that need precise cooling since they employ water as the cooling medium and are renowned for their ability to provide constant temperature distribution. For companies wishing to maintain a neat, welcoming atmosphere on a bigger scale, chillers are an advanced answer.

installation services in london

Installation Services

Our services for installing commercial air conditioning systems are tailored to your company's specific needs. Whether you need a system installed or replaced, our knowledgeable staff carefully prepares and oversees every job to guarantee the greatest result. We provide long-lasting, high-quality installations by working with a variety of technologies. We seamlessly integrate systems into your business environment, minimising disruption to daily activities.

maintenance services in london

Maintenance Services

We understand how crucial routine maintenance is to maintaining the peak performance of your HVAC system. A completely reactive and repair service call-out from our experts is part of our scheduled preventive maintenance services. By taking this proactive measure, you can guarantee the lifespan of your system and avoid any unplanned malfunctions that can interfere with your company's operations.

Repair Services

Our crew can provide prompt and dependable commercial air conditioning repair solutions in the case of an HVAC failure. We take great satisfaction in our ability to quickly identify and resolve a broad variety of problems, ensuring that your clients and staff continue to feel at ease in your business space. Our extensive repair services include everything from system inefficiencies to problems with air quality.

Ventilation Services

Hamilton provides a variety of ventilation services because it recognises the significance of air quality, particularly in business environments. These services comprise the installation, renovation, and upkeep of ventilation systems, which guarantee appropriate air circulation in your room, lower pollutants, and provide clean, fresh air.

Your Commercial Space, Our Custom AC Solutions

Hamilton Air Conditioning recognises that each business area has distinct air conditioning needs. Our staff is committed to delivering the most effective and appropriate air conditioning systems, customised for each unique business setting. Here's how we serve various business spaces:

offices air conditioning in london


For office environments, we recommend Multi-Split Systems or VRF/VRV Systems. These systems allow for individual temperature control in different rooms or zones, ensuring that every employee can work in an optimally conditioned environment.

retail spaces air conditioning in london

Retail Spaces

Single Split Systems are ideal for smaller retail shops, while Multi-Split or VRF/VRV Systems are suitable for larger retail spaces with multiple sections or floors. Our solutions ensure a pleasant shopping experience, encouraging customers to spend more time and return frequently.

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Our Cassette-type air conditioning units are perfect for large, open-plan spaces like auditoriums or gymnasiums, while Wall-mounted units can efficiently serve classrooms, ensuring a distraction-free environment for students and staff.


The ambiance of a restaurant is vital for customer satisfaction. We offer discreet Cassette-type air conditioning units that seamlessly blend into your restaurant's decor while providing efficient temperature control, ensuring that diners enjoy their meals in utmost comfort.

Server Rooms

Server rooms require precise temperature management to ensure the longevity and reliability of the equipment. Our VRF/VRV Systems are ideal for such environments, offering precise temperature control and the flexibility to adjust cooling based on the heat load.

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities including dental practices demand strict hygiene standards. Our air conditioning solutions like VRF/VRV Systems offer the flexibility needed for different zones within the facility, such as patient rooms, waiting areas, and operating theatres.


Fitness centres require robust air conditioning to maintain a comfortable environment for clients. Our Suspended air conditioning units offer powerful cooling and heating solutions while maximising space, ensuring your clients can focus on their fitness goals.


In the hospitality sector, guest comfort is the utmost priority. Our VRF/VRV Systems provide the flexibility of simultaneously heating and cooling different rooms or zones, ensuring every guest enjoys their stay in their personalised comfort zone.

Commercial Air Conditioning Services Near Me In London

Hamilton is recognised with expertise in commercial air conditioning in London. Our services are adapted to the needs of each individual business environment, assuring peak performance and optimum comfort. With our significant industry expertise and knowledge, we guarantee solutions that surpass your expectations, from installation to maintenance. Our dedication to 100% client satisfaction makes us the go-to source for organisations across several sectors.

commercial air conditioning in London

Average Cost Of Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

Whether you’re optimising a little office space or a large commercial area, Hamilton Air Conditioning offers a seamless combination of smart technology and sustainable practices to fit your specific requirements.  

Initial cost estimations set the stage, with compact office spaces starting around £1,300 + VAT. Generally speaking, the price per m² for larger spaces starts at £60.00, however this might vary depending on particular needs and installation complexities. Your budget is very much influenced by the kind of system you choose. Split air conditioners, which are highly recommended due to their efficiency, may range in price from £1,250 to £9,000, depending upon the area covered. Although more advanced VRF/VRV systems that can provide variable heating and cooling across several zones start at around £5,000 and go up for bigger installations, ducted systems, which provide discrete cooling, start at about £3,000.

Most businesses—including Hamilton—offer detailed quotations that include labour, materials, and any other services needed for the installation in addition to labour expenses. This makes planning for your company’s air conditioning demands straightforward and all-encompassing. Speak with our support staff  right now for an accurate quotation customised for your workplace. .

Why Choose Hamilton for Commercial Air Conditioning Solutions

Choose Hamilton Air Conditioning for a partnership built on knowledge, dependability, and complete service for your commercial air conditioning systems. Our service extends beyond basic installations and maintenance to provide a smooth, pleasant, and energy-efficient environment for your company activities.

  • Decades of Dedication: Hamilton has been a mainstay of dependability and knowledge in the commercial HVAC industry for more than 30 years. Our extensive experience guarantees that every project we work on is supported by a history of excellence.
  • Certified Excellence: We provide you with nothing less than the finest as authorised installers of top manufacturers like Daikin, Fujitsu, Toshiba, and Mitsubishi. Because of our connections to these major players in the market, you can be confident that your business will have cutting-edge air conditioning systems installed.

Beyond Cooling: Always Here to Serve You

For a service that combines quality, efficiency, and customer-centric solutions, choose Hamilton Air Conditioning. Contact us immediately at 020 8202 4540 for a free estimate or to discuss your requirements without commitment. Allow us to handle your commercial air conditioning unit requirements while you concentrate on what you do best: running your company.

5 Years - Installation Warranty

After your initial purchase from us, we'll cover any necessary repairs or replacements for a full 5 years.

100% Satisfaction

Your complete satisfaction is our top goal. We want our customers to know that they can count on receiving prompt, professional service.

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