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Hamilton Air Conditioning has been supplying top quality air conditioning for over thirty years.  We owe it all to our talented engineers!  Without their knowledge, their passion and their attention to detail, we wouldn’t have been able to provide so many fantastic systems to our trusted clients over the years.  We supply air conditioning London homes can be proud of.

We’re passionate about air conditioning.  This doesn’t simply mean we do what we do to get results.  We genuinely believe that each and every home and business, office block and public building deserves access to world leading technology.  Our aim is to help as many people gain access to the heat and cold relief they need with a custom-built air con system that’s refreshingly simple to use.

Air Conditioning London

We know that there’s nothing quite like crisp, cold air to unplug a stuffy, overheating room.  We also know that air still needs circulating during the winter, too!  We’re proud to be able to take on a variety of projects – big, small, complex or straightforward – to ensure our clients get the relief and ease of use they deserve.

We lead with competitive pricing and complete satisfaction guaranteed.  We’re not finished until you’re 100% happy.  Call us today on 020 8202 4540 and let’s get the ball rolling.

Heat Pump Installation

If you are conscious about your environment and concerned about the rising fuel costs and the impact that has on your fuel bills then a change you may want to consider is to heat pump installation. Fortunately, Air Conditioning UK engineers are experienced and qualified Air Conditioning Installers of heat pump systems.

So what do heat pumps do? Essentially they take the air from outside of a building, pump it into the heating system and distribute it throughout the central heating installation using air or water to travel through the system. Air source heat pumps use air to pump the heat through the pipe work, whilst an air to water heat pump condenses the air to water prior to pumping it through the system. Both are efficient and provide unique benefits and advantages. Although an air source heat pump may sound technically complex, it really needn’t be – with experts like us available to guide you through the process your changeover can be quick, simple and competitively priced.

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Facts about heat pumps

If you are concerned about the rising cost of energy, an air source heat pump from London Air Conditioning and Heating could be a wise investment. Why? Because an air source heat pump can reduce your carbon footprint and could significantly reduce your heating costs. So if you want to stay warm and help protect the environment without being subjected to sky-high heating bills, read on.

How Does an Air Source Heat Pump Work?

Put simply, an air source heat pump takes heat from outside, increases the temperature of that heat, and then pumps it into the heating system in your property. Depending on the type of air source heat pump you buy, the heat is distributed by air through an air conditioning system or through water into a central heating system.

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