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Cut Costs with DomesticAC Install

Hamilton Air Conditioning, with a 30-year history and a portfolio that includes hundreds of household installations around London, is the air conditioning industry’s benchmark of experience and dependability. Our detailed understanding of London’s distinctive home design enables us to provide air conditioning solutions that seamlessly integrate into your living space. Aside from being an investment in premium air conditioning solutions, choosing Hamilton is a step towards significant long-term savings.

One-Stop Domestic AC Solution Provider

From precise installations tailored for any space, to routine maintenance programs designed to extend your system’s lifespan and efficiency, and swift repair services for immediate issues, our team delivers top-notch care and minimal disruption. Trust Hamilton to keep your living environment perfectly climate-controlled, blending technical excellence with rapid response to meet your cooling and heating needs.


Our Domestic Installation Process: A Step-By-Step Guide

Our domestic air conditioning installation process is meticulously crafted to ensure your home benefits from a system that is as reliable and efficient as it is aesthetically pleasing.

In-Depth Site Survey

Our approach starts with a thorough site study conducted by our trained professionals. This critical phase is determining your home’s exact requirements, layout, and aesthetic preferences. Understanding these details enables us to offer the most effective and appropriate air conditioning system for your area. We believe in giving accurate quotations that are transparent and clear from the outset.

Selection of the Ideal System

Hamilton provides a variety of high-performance systems without sacrificing appearance. Whether it’s wall-mounted, ducted, or low-wall units, we make sure that every installation not only works well but also looks good in your house. Our commitment extends to reducing noise levels, with a variety of low-decibel goods and installation processes that prioritise your comfort and tranquillity.

Seamless Installation

Our expert installers oversee the process from beginning to end, ensuring that the air conditioning system is seamlessly integrated into your house. This involves carrying out the required construction and electrical work to NICEIC standards, advising on aesthetic materials, and ensuring a clean, unobtrusive finish. Our attention to detail includes addressing future upkeep throughout the design process, which simplifies following work and avoids the need for costly constructing or redecorating later on.

Aesthetic Integration

Aesthetics are essential in a residential home. We take pleasure in providing air conditioning systems that are both efficient and visually pleasing. Our systems are intended to fit in with your home’s décor, with many versions that may be nearly undetectable, ensuring that your comfort does not come at the expense of your home’s aesthetic.

Post-Installation Support

Our dedication to your comfort does not end with the installation. We provide comprehensive aftercare and assistance to ensure that your air conditioning system stays in optimum condition. From regular maintenance to timely repairs, our crew is always ready to guarantee your home’s environment is correctly managed all year.


Innovative Air Conditioning Solutions for Your Home

Whether you live in a modern flat or a Grade II listed property in London, we specialise in offering entirely interior domestic air conditioning installations that blend in perfectly with the architecture and design of your house.

Types of Domestic HVAC Systems We Install

We provide a range of systems designed to meet the particular requirements of your house while guaranteeing effectiveness and comfort. Here's an overview of the kinds of systems we install with expertise:

wall-mounted air conditioners

Wall-mounted units

Perfect for houses that need specialised cooling in certain places. These units are a popular option since they are affordable and simple to retrofit into rooms without requiring major construction or redecorating. They provide a subtle, cost-effective method of keeping your living areas cosy, ideal for both daytime comfort and proper temperature regulation at night.

Ceiling Mounted Units

These units distribute air evenly and pleasantly across wider spaces while blending in well with the décor of your house. These units make sure that every area of your house is adequately heated or cooled, making them ideal for maintaining a consistently comfortable environment in open living rooms.

ducted air conditioners

Ducted air conditioning units

Well-known for their quiet operation and efficiency, particularly in large dwellings, the whole system is perfectly hidden, leaving just the air vents visible. These systems provide a clean and inconspicuous approach to manage the environment in your house, making them excellent for individuals who like a minimalist look.

low wall mounted air conditioners

Low Wall Mounted Units

These units are situated nearer the floor and resemble standard wall-mounted units. This makes them a great option for heating, particularly in areas with big windows or conservatories where they can effectively block off chilly downdraughts that often occur.

floor mounted air conditioners

Floor Mounted Units

These units are an excellent choice for spaces with little wall space. Compact and discreetly put along the wall at floor level, floor mounted units fit in with the decor of the area while offering effective heating and cooling.

Portable Air Conditioners

Portable units provide focused cooling where it's most required since they're simple to set up and transportable from room to room. Modern portable home air conditioners are strong and energy-efficient despite their small size, guaranteeing your comfort without dramatically raising your energy costs.

Tailoring Comfort to Every Corner of Your Home

We recognise that each room in your house has a distinct function and atmosphere. Because of this, we provide custom air conditioning systems, guaranteeing that the temperature in your bedroom, living room, loft, or conservatory is always just what you want.


Our domestic air conditioning systems are designed to be as discreet as they are efficient for apartments and flats. Whether you reside in a stylish apartment block or a little studio apartment, we make sure that, even on the hottest summer days, your home is a haven of calm and coolness.

Listed Buildings

Hamilton is aware of how critical it is to maintain the integrity of listed buildings. Our understated and effective air conditioning solutions for listed buildings don't involve any structural alterations. Savour contemporary comforts without sacrificing the unique charm of your beloved house.


Handpick custom crafted air conditioners to turn your loft into a habitable, airy place. Owing to the distinct architectural characteristics of lofts, our Low Wall-Mounted Air Conditioners are an ideal match, providing heating and cooling capabilities without compromising the visual beauty of your loft conversion.


Our conservatory air conditioning systems make sure that this area is a peaceful haven all year round. Take use of solutions such as Multi-Split Systems to maintain your conservatory's panoramic vistas and comfortable environment.


Choose our ultra-quiet Single-Split or Multi-Split Air Conditioners air conditioning unit for bedroom. For households in need of a subtle cooling solution, our Low Wall-Mounted bedroom air conditioner or Water-Cooled Air Conditioning Systems provide efficient cooling without the need for an external condenser.


No matter the outside weather, our air conditioning equipment makes sure that the lounge is always a welcoming place. Select from our Wall-Mounted or Ceiling Cassette Units, which provide unmatched comfort and efficiency and match in well with your décor.

Domestic Air Conditioning Services Near Me In London

Looking for the best wall mounted air conditioning unit? Or want to enquire about home ac servicing? Hamilton provides full-service design, installation, and maintenance for all kinds of air conditioning systems from the convenience of your own home. Whether it's VRV, VRF, wall-mounted, or split systems, we make sure your home has the luxury of an extended 5-year guarantee with each installation. Our authorised installation service provides peace of mind by ensuring your unit is dependable and energy-efficient.

domestic air conditioners

Average Pricing of Domestic Air Conditioning Installation in London

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the average costs you might expect for domestic air conditioning unit installation in London:

  • Small Home Office: If you’re looking to cool a small home office, the average installation costs range from £1,750 to £3,000​.
  • Double Bedroom: For a more spacious double bedroom, the installation costs hover around £2,250 to £3,000, ensuring your nights are as comfortable as your days​.
  • Conservatory: To maintain a pleasant climate in your conservatory, the average installation cost is around £2,000​.
  • Multiple Rooms (Six Room Multi-Split Unit): If you’re considering a comprehensive solution for multiple rooms, the costs can be around £7,500, reflecting the complexity and coverage of the installation​.
  • Portable/Freestanding Units: These units are perfect for occasional use in smaller spaces, with prices ranging from £150 to £400​.
  • Ducted Air Conditioning Systems: Offering a discreet option, these systems range from £2,500 to £14,500, suitable for larger homes requiring a comprehensive cooling solution​.
  • Split Air Conditioning Systems: For a blend of efficiency and aesthetics, these systems range from £800 to £9,500, ideal for single or multiple rooms.
  • Window Air Conditioning Systems: These systems, perfect for enhancing airflow and suited for listed buildings or apartments, range from £500 to £1,200​.


Factors Influencing Cost

It’s important to note that several factors can influence the final cost of a home air conditioner: 

  • Type of Air Conditioning System: Larger or more sophisticated systems may have a higher cost due to their complexity and features.
  • Ease of Access to the Installation Site: Difficult access or preparation work may increase the installation time and cost.
  • Geographical Location: London and surrounding areas may have higher costs due to increased living expenses and the expertise required​.
  • Electrical Works Required: Additional electrical work to accommodate your new system may affect the overall cost.

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