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Toshiba Air Conditioning Services

For over a century, Toshiba has been synonymous with innovation and reliability in the technology sector. At Hamilton Air Conditioning, we embrace this legacy by providing premier installation, service, and maintenance for Toshiba Air Conditioning systems. Whether it’s the groundbreaking inverter-driven systems for enhanced energy efficiency or the silent yet powerful operation, Toshiba’s dedication to environmental stewardship and technological excellence is evident in every unit. Partner with Hamilton, and let’s weave Toshiba’s legacy of innovation into the fabric of your daily comfort.

Why Choose Us for Toshiba Systems

Choosing Hamilton Air Conditioning for Toshiba systems allows access to Toshiba’s dedication to quality and innovation. Toshiba, a leader in the air conditioning industry, offers market-leading products for both residential and commercial applications, ensuring high standards of performance and customer satisfaction. With a focus on sustainability and technological advancement, Toshiba systems integrated by Hamilton offer unparalleled performance, durability, and energy savings, making them a smart choice for those seeking superior climate control solutions.

Toshiba Service Highlight:One-Stop-Solution

Our approach to integrating your Toshiba air conditioning unit is grounded in a profound comprehension of the brand's innovative technology and a steadfast dedication to superior service. We go beyond mere installation; we ensure your Toshiba aircon unit becomes an integral, harmonious part of your environment, offering unparalleled efficiency and aligning with your space's aesthetic.

Leading Toshiba Products We Install

Our partnership with Toshiba allows us to provide cutting-edge air conditioning technology known for its smart features, durability, and energy efficiency. Here's a glimpse into the advanced Toshiba products we expertly install, ensuring that your comfort is never compromised:

toshiba N3 series in london

Toshiba N3 Series

The Toshiba N3 Series is a testament to silent operation and sophisticated filtration, bringing tranquillity and purity to your space. Available in 2kW and 7kW power options, the N3 Series is designed to cater to your unique needs throughout the year, ensuring comfort and efficiency.

toshiba inverter hi-wall split in london

Toshiba Inverter Hi-Wall Split System

This model stands out for its built-in controller and follow-me sensor, ensuring precise temperature control. The self-cleaning feature reduces humidity effectively, providing clean air and reducing maintenance hassles. It's an ideal choice for those seeking a blend of convenience and advanced technology.

toshiba multi-split in london

Toshiba Multi-Split Systems

Designed to ensure a single outdoor unit operates multiple indoor units, Toshiba's multi-split systems are the epitome of energy efficiency. With the DC Twin-Rotary Compressor, these systems minimise energy consumption over long periods, making them perfect for diverse room cooling needs.

inverter ducted in london

Inverter Ducted Systems

For a discreet yet powerful cooling and heating solution, Toshiba's inverter ducted systems are unmatched. These systems offer controllable comfort throughout the year, with models like the Toshiba RAS-M16G3DV-E ensuring minimal noise, making them ideal for peace and quiet in your home.

inverter cassette console in london

Inverter Cassette and Console Units

Toshiba's inverter cassette units are known for their easy installation, slimline dimensions, and effective air purification, making them suitable for bedrooms and living rooms. Meanwhile, the inverter console units, perfect for space-challenged areas, offer personalised airflow with bi-flow features and additional benefits like floor heating mode and deodorising effects.

multi-split outdoor in london

Multi-Split Outdoor Units

Toshiba's multi-split outdoor units, equipped with the Toshiba DC hybrid inverter, offer enhanced performance and reliability. These units provide precise temperature management and are compatible with multiple indoor units, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your heating and cooling needs.

Ready To Switch To Toshiba? Contact Us Right Away!

Our staff is here to help, whether you’re wanting to build a new system, require maintenance on your current setup, or just need professional guidance. Get in touch with us right now, and we’ll work with you to create a Toshiba air conditioning solution that meets your demands. For further information and consultation, contact us by phone at 02082024540 or by email at [email protected]. Experience the superiority of Toshiba products, installed and maintained by one of London’s most reputable and professional installers. 


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