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Enhance the Dining Experience with our Restaurant Air Conditioning

Eating at a restaurant is not only about the food – it is about the experience. And we at Hamilton Air Conditioning help you create the perfect dining experience for your customers with our professional air conditioning installation, service and support. 

For more than three decades, we have consistently provided complete air conditioning services – from installation to support – to restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops across the United Kingdom. Our experience allows us to offer a 7-year warranty on all their installations.

When our experienced and expert team works diligently for your restaurant, your patrons can enjoy your delectable food in a desirable place.

While you take care of the cuisine, we will care for the comfort

Our decades of experience in installing high-performing commercial air conditioners have allowed us to provide completely customised solutions to restaurants. We have the expertise to identify the perfect solution that blends into the décor, elevates the appeal, and is an extension of your restaurant’s personality. 

Here’s how we do it,

  • We start with a free site survey to understand your requirements accurately.
  • After you accept our quote, the procurement for the required materials will begin.
  • We work around your restaurant’s working hours to ensure the installation doesn’t interfere with your business.
  • Once we agree on the access schedule, the installation of the new system will commence.
  • Our service team will constantly contact you during and after installation. With us, you will receive the best installation service you deserve.

We go the extra mile to make sure your premise is clean and safe at all times during the installation. Want the units to be discreet or a part of the décor – we’ve got you covered. We install robust and high-performing units that don’t give way when the restaurant is bustling.

Restaurant Air Conditioning London

The Perfect Restaurant Air Conditioning Systems

Wall Mounted

One of the most common air cons worldwide, wall mounted air conditioners are the perfect cost-effective choice that can easily fit into any décor. Typically placed high on walls, these units offer maximum effect for minimum effort.

To cover a larger floor space and avoid creating hot and cold spots, we suggest installing low-powered wall-mount air conditioners at multiple spots across the room.

Wall mount air conditioners come in various colours, sizes, cooling capacities and energy efficiency. Choosing the right air conditioner is as important as selecting the right installation expert.

Ceiling Mounted

Ceiling mounted, or cassette air conditioners are the perfect solution for any restaurant. Although they are pricier than wall-mounted air conditioners, ceiling-mounted ones are discreet and blend in with the restaurant’s aesthetics.

Ceiling-mounted air conditioners are a preferred choice for many restaurants as they provide an even airflow in all directions without creating hot and cold pockets.

Ceiling-mounted air conditioners are typically installed under a false ceiling. Many high-end restaurants expose the entire unit to accomplish a sleek and stylish look for their space.

Ducted Units

Ducted air conditioning units are ideal for restaurants and cafes looking for a completely discreet option for their space. The unit, along with the duct-work and other internal units, is completely hidden, making the space look clean and aesthetically pleasing.

Ducted units are one of the most expensive air conditioning options. Therefore, installing a ducted unit during the restaurant’s construction is best. However, it is always best to leave the installation work to the experts.

Why do Our Customers Love us?

We understand that the popularity of your restaurant depends as much on the ambience as it does on the food and décor. That’s why we ensure that your restaurant is always cosy, comfortable and inviting – regardless of the weather. 

Clients have been choosing us for their air conditioning installation and service for the past 30 years. Here’s why?

  • Approved Installers for a range of manufacturers – We are the approved installers for a wide range of well-known air conditioning manufacturers.
  • 5-year installation warranty – We are the only leading air conditioning installer in the UK to offer a 5-year warranty on all our installations.
  • Customised solutions  – We provide customised air conditioning solutions that fit your unique cooling requirements, budget, and aesthetics.
  • Aesthetically pleasing installations – Our installations work around your décor so that they are aesthetically pleasing and reliably robust at all times.
  • Value for your money and time – We offer excellent installation, service and maintenance support at reasonable prices – find out for yourself by asking for a quote.

When creating the right ambience for your restaurant, you don’t take chances – neither do we. 


Can I Install Air Conditioning In A Commercial Kitchen In The UK?

Any commercial kitchen has to have both enough ventilation and air conditioning to function properly. The experienced air conditioning experts that we employ can devise the most effective method for regulating the temperature in your business kitchen. We can provide our customers with both the supply and installation of any and all commercial air conditioning equipment.

Do You Provide Services For The Installation Of Air Conditioning In Restaurants?

Yes. We provide our customers with both the supply and installation of restaurant air conditioners in London. We create a cooling system that will allow you to maintain temperature control in your kitchen and make it a more comfortable place of employment for your employees.

Do You Provide Restaurant Air Conditioning Maintenance Services?

We not only install brand-new air conditioning units, but we also provide excellent maintenance and repair services for existing systems. Regular maintenance of your restaurant's ventilation system will help it operate at peak efficiency.

What Brands Do You Stock For The Air Conditioning In Restaurants?

We offer products from a variety of well-known manufacturers, such as Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Toshiba, and Daikin, among others. We collaborate with you, pay attention to your specifications, and take into account all of your requirements to arrive at the optimal solution for your restaurant.

What Kind Of Air Conditioning System Is Most Often Installed In Restaurants?

The vast majority of restaurants make use of split-system air conditioners for their cooling needs. Split system air conditioners, as their name indicates, are made up of two different kinds of units: one or more indoor units located within the restaurant, and at least one outdoor unit located outside the building, with the indoor and outdoor units being linked by piping.

What are the benefits of installing air conditioning systems at Restaurants?

Customers will be able to enjoy themselves in even the warmest weather if your establishment is equipped with an air conditioning system that maintains a cool climate throughout the property. This may make it possible for you to continue operating at full capacity throughout the whole year. Equipping your space with AC systems will enable you to function at full capacity throughout the whole year.

5 Years - Installation Warranty

After your initial purchase from us, we'll cover any necessary repairs or replacements for a full 5 years.

24/7 Client Support

We're available around the clock, 7 days a week, 24x7, to ensure that your calls are always returned as soon as possible.

100% Satisfaction

Your complete satisfaction is our top goal. We want our customers to know that they can count on receiving prompt, professional service.

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