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Redefining Comfort in Restaurants

Maintaining the perfect temperature in restaurants presents several  challenges. There’s always a struggle for equilibrium, whether it’s with the intense heat produced in crowded kitchens or the chilly air that comes from doorways or windows being opened. Acknowledging these subtle differences, Hamilton provides restaurant air conditioning solutions designed to preserve the ideal dining environment via clever integration, energy efficiency, and a keen eye for aesthetics. Our team of professionals is dedicated to delivering excellence at every turn, from conducting thorough site inspections to offering continuous support after installation

Certified Installers from Leading Brands

Hamilton Air Conditioning is your reliable partner for high-quality restaurant air conditioning solutions, collaborating with industry leaders like as Daikin, Toshiba, Fujitsu, and Mitsubishi.  Our partnership with these recognised manufacturers not only assures top-quality installations with 5+ years of warranty, but also delivers systems at the cutting edge of technology, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability. Choose Hamilton Air Conditioning for a relationship that will add unrivalled comfort and creativity to your restaurant’s atmosphere.


Our Restaurant Air Conditioning Installation Process

Initial Consultation and Needs Assessment:

We start our procedure with a thorough analysis of the particular requirements of your restaurant. We do a thorough site study, accounting for the design of your restaurant, the heat output of the kitchen appliances, and any applicable zoning regulations.

Customised System Design

 We create a system that is specifically designed to meet the needs of your restaurant, taking into account the results of the first evaluation. This involves deciding which kind of system—such as split, VRF, or ducted—best fits the aesthetic and functional needs of your business.

Strategic Equipment positioning

To effectively regulate the heat generated by cooking equipment and guarantee a pleasant atmosphere for both staff and guests, particular attention is paid to the positioning of air conditioning exhaust vents and intakes, especially in the kitchen area.

Integration of Supplementary Systems

 Because kitchen spaces may become quite hot, we often advise including additional cooling systems, such box split air conditioners, that are specifically designed to deal with these hotspots. Because each of these systems is individually managed, precise temperature control may be applied where it is most required.

Expert Installation

Your company’s activities are minimally disrupted throughout the installation procedure thanks to the expertise of our professionals. We carefully install every system part, making sure that each one is installed securely and in the ideal location for maximum efficiency.

System Testing and Commissioning

Following installation, we put the air conditioning system through a thorough testing procedure to make sure every component is operating as it should. This includes examining the system’s responsiveness, accuracy of the temperature management, and appropriate airflow.

Clean-Up and Walkthrough

Our staff makes sure your area is left neat and orderly after installation. We provide your personnel a thorough rundown of the new system, showcasing its capabilities and teaching them how to use and control it.

Rules and Regulations we Follow for Restaurant Installation

Our dedication to quality and compliance guides the way we install HVAC systems in restaurants. We make sure every installation complies with the relevant rules and standards by closely following the health and safety laws in the area.

HVAC Systems We Offer to Restaurants

Thanks to our partnership with these top manufacturers, your restaurant can take advantage of the newest advancements in HVAC technology, supported by our wealth of knowledge and unwavering dedication to quality. Our offerings include best-in-class:

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Get access to ducted systems that are ideal for places with a high aesthetic value, providing a subtle but efficient climate control option. The air conditioning units are completely buried inside the ceilings or walls, leaving only minor grilles visible. These systems maintain consistent temperature throughout the restaurant, delivering a comfortable eating experience without disrupting the interior decor.

Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioners

Our ceiling cassette units are ideal for bigger dining spaces and will fit in perfectly with your restaurant's décor. Installed on suspended ceilings, they enable balanced and equal air distribution throughout the room. The four-way airflow design cools every part of your restaurant, providing a better eating experience for customers

Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Units

Wall-mounted systems are the best options for both affordability and adaptability. These units may be customised to match the decor of your restaurant by changing their size and colour to fit both big and small areas. Restaurant owners searching for a functional but fashionable temperature control solution often choose them because of their well-known simplicity of installation and effective cooling capabilities.

Water-Cooled Air Conditioning Systems

For restaurants in listed or restricted buildings where typical exterior condenser units are not an option, our water-cooled systems provide a unique alternative. These devices use your building's mains water supply to provide effective cooling, preserving your restaurant's atmosphere despite exterior limits.

Heat Recovery System

Explore heat recovery systems that are intended to maximise energy efficiency while still providing a pleasant environment. These systems collect heat from places such as the kitchen and disperse it as required, resulting in a balanced environment throughout your restaurant. This improves visitor and worker comfort while also promoting sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

HVAC Solutions for Diverse Restaurant Areas

We understand that a restaurant is more than simply a place to dine; it's an experience. That is why we provide comprehensive HVAC solutions suited to the specific demands of each location in your restaurant, guaranteeing that your clients eat in complete comfort while the staff works under optimal conditions.

Dining Halls

Our ceiling-mounted or cassette air conditioners are ideal for your major eating halls. These units are discretely fitted into your restaurant's design, guaranteeing uniform airflow while without detracting from its visual appeal. Ceiling cassette units, with their four-way circulation, are great for keeping a consistent, comfortable environment across bigger areas, ensuring that every seat in the home is the finest seat.

Commercial Kitchens

We provide commercial kitchen air conditioner ducted systems that are not only adept at handling high temperatures but also stay concealed, leaving your kitchen area immaculate and professional. Heat recovery systems may also be used to move heat from the kitchen to other sections of the restaurant, increasing energy efficiency and providing a pleasant working environment for your employees

Outdoor Dining Areas

We install heat pump air curtains in restaurants that provide al fresco eating experiences. These units are strategically located near the main entrance to avoid the loss of cool or warm air from the dining room, enabling your doors to remain open to the busy city while ensuring your visitors' comfort.

Bar Areas

Our wall-mounted units provide an adaptable and cost-effective option for compact spaces such as bars. These units, which come in a variety of sizes and colours, may be adjusted to your specific style and cooling requirements. They are simple to install and provide a vibrant but pleasant setting for your visitors to enjoy their beverages.

Restricted or Listed structures

We provide water-cooled air conditioning systems to enterprises in listed or restricted structures. These ingenious devices connect to your mains water supply and utilise water to create cold air, eliminating the need for external condenser units and complying with property constraints.

Restaurant Air Conditioning Services ‘Near Me’ in London

With a strong connection to London's thriving restaurant scene, Hamilton Air Conditioning is your go-to specialist in the area. Our extensive coverage across the city guarantees that expert assistance is always just a phone call away, whether you're in London's packed centre or its serene suburbs. We offer a true "near me" solution for all of your restaurant air conditioning requirements since our committed staff are placed strategically to respond promptly and efficiently.

Cost Factors for Restaurant Air Conditioner Installation

To make an educated choice and make sure the system satisfies the unique requirements of your entity, it is imperative that you understand the aforementioned factors.

  • System Type: Costs might vary significantly depending on whether you choose a window, split, multi-split, portable, or ducted air conditioning system.
  • Total Output and System Size: A unit’s size and power requirements to efficiently cool your restaurant might have a significant impact on its cost. The cost of larger, more potent systems will increase. Costs are also greatly influenced by the size and configuration of the ductwork.
  • Property Style and Structural Considerations: The ultimate cost may vary depending on the sort of restaurant—a bar or a family-style eatery.  Costs might go up due to things like the necessity for specialised lifting equipment for installations on upper floors or the adjustments needed to install an external compressor unit.
  • Energy Efficiency and SEER Ratings: Choosing a system with a higher SEER rating, which denotes more energy efficiency, may have higher initial expenses but might save a lot of money on energy bills over time. It’s critical to take the original investment and future savings into account.  

Why Choose Hamilton for Restaurant Air Conditioning

We blend technology with expertise to offer air conditioning solutions that resonate with the sophistication and uniqueness of your restaurant.

  • 30 Years of Proven Expertise: Hamilton Air Conditioning is more than simply a service company—we’re a part of the community. Our three decades of devoted service have given us unmatched competence in restaurant air conditioning. Our in-depth knowledge of the distinctive architectural designs and business requirements of London enables us to provide your dining areas not just solutions but complete makeovers.
  • Certified Excellence: Your restaurant will benefit from the best cooling technology available thanks to our partnerships with top manufacturers like Daikin, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, and Fujitsu, ensuring comfort, energy efficiency, and style.
  • Transparent and Competitive Pricing: No unpleasant surprises or hidden fees. You get an open and truthful pricing breakdown when you work with Hamilton. You will always get the greatest value because of our competitive pricing approach, which combines excellent service with affordability.

Buy AC for a Restaurant From Hamilton Today!

Enhance the atmosphere of your restaurant with custom air conditioning systems from Hamilton. Our unique combination of inventiveness, expertise, and committed customer service makes us the go-to option for the best restaurants in London.  You’re just one step away from securing the perfect aircon for restaurant ambiance that complements your exquisite menu. Call 020 8202 4540 to arrange for a service or consultation with Hamilton Air Conditioning.

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