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A Breath of Fresh Air for Your Home

PIV or Positive Input Ventilation systems are designed to tackle common concerns such as condensation, moisture, and poor air quality in residential environments. They work by providing a steady flow of fresh, filtered air into your house, replacing stale, moisture-filled air. When you choose Hamilton Air Conditioning, you are picking a partner that is devoted to improving the health and comfort of your house. Our commitment to quality, together with our full service and support, makes us the preferred source of PIV installation services in London. 

PIV Installation Services for Every Home

PIV systems are adaptable and can be placed in a variety of residential environments, including those without lofts. PIV units are often put in the loft and linked to a diffuser in the home’s corridor for simple and unobtrusive installation. For buildings lacking a loft area, specialised units may be put inside, with air sucked via an exterior wall, however this needs a more labour-intensive installation. PIV solutions made to fit your particular demands and property characteristics, whether you live in an apartment, a dormer bungalow or a family house. Our services are not limited to any one kind of property. 

Process for PIV Unit Installation at Hamilton

Our method for installing PIV units is rigorous, ensuring that each installation is suited to the specific requirements of the property and its tenants.

Initial Consultation and Property Assessment

We begin with a thorough chat to better understand your individual requirements and concerns. Our specialists next do a complete inspection of your property to determine the optimal installation locations and the kind of PIV unit that will best meet your needs.

Customised Solution Planning

Based on the evaluation, we create a tailored ventilation solution. This involves choosing the appropriate PIV unit for your property’s size, air quality requirements, and energy efficiency objectives.

Professional Installation

 Our professional personnel do the installation with accuracy and care. They confirm that the device is correctly installed, the electrical connections are secure, and the system is completely working. Our installation technique complies with building codes and industry best practices.

System Testing and Client Instruction

Following installation, we do thorough testing to guarantee that the system functions properly. We also give extensive instructions on how to utilise the system, alter settings, and comprehend the indications for peak performance.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Our commitment does not stop with installation. We provide continuing support and maintenance to guarantee your PIV unit continues to perform properly over time. Our crew is always available to help, answer inquiries, and conduct regular maintenance or repairs.

Professional PIV Unit Installation Services

Types of PIV Units We Install

Hamilton Air Conditioning is adept at installing a variety of Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) units, each designed to cater to different property configurations and ventilation needs. Here's a breakdown of the types we specialise in:

loft-mounted services in london

Loft-Mounted PIV Units

The most common type, ideal for houses with accessible loft space. These units draw fresh air from outside, filter it, and then gently push it into the living spaces below, displacing stale air and contaminants. They're excellent for reducing condensation and improving overall air quality in a discreet manner.

wall-mounted services in london

Wall-Mounted PIV Units

Designed for properties without loft space, such as apartments or flats. These units are installed on an external wall and work similarly to loft-mounted units by drawing in fresh air, filtering it, and then distributing it throughout the property.

heat Recovery services in london

Heat Recovery PIV Units

These units not only improve ventilation but also capture heat from the outgoing stale air to warm the incoming fresh air. They're highly energy-efficient, making them perfect for newer, well-insulated homes looking to minimise heat loss.

non-disruptive installation services in london

Non-Disruptive Installation PIV Units

For properties where minimal disruption is a priority, these PIV systems offer an easy installation process that doesn't require extensive ductwork or major alterations to the property.

eco-friendly services in london

Eco-Friendly PIV Units

Focused on reducing energy consumption while improving air quality. These units are designed with energy efficiency in mind, utilising low-power consumption fans and materials that are environmentally friendly.

customisable services in london

Customisable PIV Units

We offer PIV systems that can be tailored to the specific needs of your property, including adjustable fan speeds, humidity sensors, and timers, ensuring that you have control over the ventilation according to your personal preferences and requirements.

Spaces Benefiting From Our PIV Unit Services

residential homes services in london

Residential Homes

Enhances air quality and reduces moisture, particularly in properties prone to dampness and mould.

flats and apartments services in london

Flats and Apartments

Compact and non-intrusive units suitable for smaller living spaces without access to lofts.

offices services in london


Improves air quality and reduces sickness by managing moisture and providing fresh air, conducive to a productive work environment.

schools services in london


Creates a healthier learning environment by ensuring clean and fresh air, reducing the spread of airborne viruses.

healthcare facilities services in london

Healthcare Facilities

Essential for patient care, PIV systems improve air quality in environments demanding the highest standards of cleanliness.

retail spaces services in london

Retail Spaces

Maintains comfortable shopping environments, ensuring customers and staff enjoy clean air free from pollutants.

PIV Installation Near Me: Hamilton's Coverage in London

Partner with a leading provider of PIV installation in London. Hamilton's area of competence extends beyond installation; we also offer a flawless and fulfilling experience from the first contact to the ongoing post-installation assistance. Our staff is well-known for their dependability, professionalism, and dedication to providing the finest PIV solutions possible that are customised for every distinct property, whether it be a large home or a small unit in London and surrounding areas.

piv unit installation

PIV Unit Installation Cost: Investing in Healthier Air

Breakdown of Installation Costs: One crucial factor to take into account is the cost of installing a PIV device. The PIV installation cost in the UK is likely to be between £500 and £1,500 on average, taking into account both the unit and installation costs. The intricacy of the installation, the particular unit you choose, and the needs of your property might all affect this price. Certain companies guarantee affordability and transparency by offering fixed pricing countrywide supply and installation services for as little as £695 + VAT.

Operating Costs: The energy efficiency of PIV systems is one of its main benefits. A typical conventional PIV system costs between 1p and 2p per day to operate, which is quite cheap. When compared to conventional air conditioning or dehumidifiers, this results in significant cost savings. The cost is still far less than alternatives, even for units with heaters, which have a little higher operating cost. It’s important to account for the sporadic expense of changing air filters, which should be done every five years to keep your system running as efficiently as possible.  

Professional Installation: Although some people may think about installing their PIV system themselves, we strongly advise against it. This guarantees safe installation, compliance with local laws, and efficient operation of the device. A knowledgeable Hamilton installation will also handle any extra needs, like ducting or electrical connections, and provide advice on the ideal position for the unit.

The Benefit of PIV Unit Installation Services

A multitude of benefits result from installing a Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) unit in your house, which also significantly enhances the general quality of indoor air and living spaces.

  • Reduction of Condensation and Mould: By ensuring a steady flow of clean, filtered air into the house, PIV units successfully address the problems of condensation and mould development. In addition to treating the outward signs of wetness, this stops the accumulation of surplus moisture, therefore addressing the underlying cause.
  • Better Indoor Air Quality: PIV devices dramatically lower indoor pollutants by continually replacing stale inside air with filtered, outdoor air. As a consequence, the air is cleaner and free of both internal and exterior pollutants, which is particularly advantageous for those who have allergies or respiratory issues.
  • Cost-effectiveness & Energy Efficiency: Modern PIV units are designed with energy efficiency in mind which guarantee low energy use. This results in lower operating expenses in addition to leaving a less environmental impact.
  • Temperature Control and Energy Savings: Warm air that naturally rises and builds up at the ceiling level may be distributed throughout the house with the assistance of certain PIV devices. Because the need to artificially heat the house may decrease, this might result in a more evenly heated room and possible cost savings on heating.
piv unit installation Services in london

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