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Make Your Shop a Paradise for Customers with Our Shop Air Conditioning

Are you tired of working in an environment that becomes unbearably hot in summer? With the right air conditioning system, you can bid adieu to all such problems. Whether you run a retail store, a café, or a bakery, an air conditioning installation will be a valuable addition to your business. Hamilton Air Conditioning is a leader in commercial air con installation space in London.

Whatever your air conditioning requirements – Hamilton Air Conditioning has the perfect solution for you. From installation to repair, our expert team assists clients at every step, thus earning us the reputation of being the best air conditioning agency in London.

Our professionals will ensure a comfy temperature inside of your outlet so that you can promote your products without leaving any sweat.

You Focus On Your Business While We Take Care Of The Climate

With decades of experience as a certified air conditioning service provider, Hamilton offers specialized cooling solutions for all types and sizes of commercial spaces. Whether you own a small departmental store or a cosy café – our expert team knows what’s best for you.

Here’s how we take the challenge of cooling down places:

  • We start with conducting a free survey to develop an understanding of your cooling needs
  • After you accept the quote, we commence our installation work
  • During the installation process, our trained and efficient team will not disturb your employees or slow down your work in any manner
  • Post installation, our team will guide you on how to maintain the system for a long service life
Shop Air Conditioning London

Why an Effective Air Conditioning System a Must-have for Shops

Temperature Regulation

In closed commercial spaces, the temperature tends to increase rapidly during the daytime. Efficient commercial air con can bring down the temperature in a jiffy.

Enhanced Productivity

Heat and humidity drain the body causing mental sluggishness and decreases productivity. When you don’t have to constantly wipe the sweat off your forehead, you’ll naturally be able to stay focused on things that actually matter.

Improved Air Quality

An air conditioner will not just maintain a comfortable temperature in your shop but also improve indoor air quality. For instance, Hamilton’s air conditioning system featuring air filters ensures that the air remains free from pollutants and allergens like fungi and mites.

Better Impressions

Who would like to spend time at a grocery shop that makes them sweat? We can make your commercial space more welcoming for your visitors and help you leave a better impression on your customers. And when your shop has a comfortable temperature, customers would love to stay longer.

Why Should You Rely on Hamilton Air Conditioning?

Commercial air conditioning systems work best when designed to suit the unique requirements of a business. The installation requires expertise to circulate airflow right where it needs cooling. Helping the people of the UK for 3 decades, Hamilton Air Conditioning is one of the leading air-conditioning agencies providing services in Britain.

Our air conditioning installation services make use of modern systems with automated temperature control, thus adding value to the life of our clients. Here’s why our clients choose us time and time again:

  • 5-year post-installation warranty- All our installations come with a warranty period of 5 years.
  • Modern Installations- All our air-conditioning solutions are not just effective but aesthetically pleasing at the same time.
  • Specialized Solutions- We will recommend customised solutions that work best for your shop according to its size and cooling requirements.
  • Zero Hidden Costs- When it comes to billing, we guarantee total transparency and reveal all costs upfront in the quote.
  • Top-notch Servicing- Frequent care is necessary for an air-conditioner to function well, and therefore, we provide the best-in-class repair and maintenance services that your system deserves.

While figuring out the right ambience for your store, we will certainly spare no effort in achieving excellence. 


Will You Assist Me In Buying The Right Air Conditioner For My Home?

Before you install a new cooling system or replace an existing one, you should discuss your options with a qualified HVAC professional who is certified and insured, such as the technicians at Hamilton Air Conditioning. We'll make an accurate assessment that considers your home's design and square footage, local weather, window and insulation quality, and even the number of people that live there.

How To Calculate Room Size For My Air Conditioner?

Multiply the length and breadth of the space you want to cool to get an approximate idea of the size of the air conditioner you'll need. After that, multiply that number by 25 BTU to get an adequate amount of cooling for the space under a variety of climate circumstances. For instance, if the room is 15 feet long and 12 feet wide, then the total square footage of the room is 180 feet. That means that a 180 sq ft room needs a 4,500 BTU air conditioner.

Which Kind Of Air Conditioner Is The Most Economical Option?

People who want immediate cooling in their area but don't want to spend an excessive amount of money on it may find that split air conditioners are an excellent answer. This air conditioner with 1.5 tonnes of capacity can swiftly bring the temperature of a room down to a comfortable level at an affordable price.

Which Kind Of Air Conditioner Is Superior, An Inverter Or A Non-Inverter?

Inverter air conditioners use variable-speed compressors. Furthermore, their rate of movement can be adjusted as needed. When looking for a system that will reduce your electrical use, they are the superior option. Because of the way their compressors operate, inverters can help you save on your monthly energy bills.

Any Advice On Getting My Home Ready For An Air Conditioner Installation?

Before installation, make careful to clean and air out your ducts and then seal them completely. Prepare Space for Air Conditioning - Clean up the area where the new unit will be installed before the delivery men arrive.

Why does my air conditioning cost so much to run?

Clean air filters ensure that dust doesn't clog up your air conditioning and heating system, ensuring its optimal performance. They keep dirty air out while allowing conditioned air to circulate freely within. However, regular use clogs these filters with dust, requiring the air conditioner to work harder than necessary to deliver conditioned air.

5 Years - Installation Warranty

After your initial purchase from us, we'll cover any necessary repairs or replacements for a full 5 years.

24/7 Client Support

We're available around the clock, 7 days a week, 24x7, to ensure that your calls are always returned as soon as possible.

100% Satisfaction

Your complete satisfaction is our top goal. We want our customers to know that they can count on receiving prompt, professional service.

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