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  • Air Conditioning Contractor: Top 4 secrets you should know

Air Conditioning Contractor: Top 4 secrets you should know

Air Conditioning Contractor: Top 4 secrets you should know

Let me guess you want to install an air conditioning system but not sure who is the right person for the job. Well, your search ends here. Read this blog to find out how you should select your air conditioning contractor.

Air Conditioners cool and dehumidify the interior atmosphere of your house. They also circulate fresh air into your home and vent the inside air. This prevents foul odor in your place and is more oxygen-rich – healthy for you as well. 

However, Commercial Air Conditioning is also popular and finds many applications in the industry. While Residential Air Conditioning maintains the temperature of relatively smaller spaces – homes, Commercial Air Conditioning may be used over extensively large areas and for achieving different purposes.

There are multiple types of air conditioning service London that your contractor may offer. Based on previous experiences, Hamilton Air Conditioning is one of the best air conditioning contractors out there. The most popular ones that are provided by all the major air conditioning contractors are mentioned below:

 Residential air conditioning

The contractor performs all the necessary services to install the air conditioning equipment into your home. This type of contractor is also known as domestic air conditioning contractors. There are multiple functions of a domestic air-conditioner; the most important ones are: 

  •   Cooling

The primary function of the residential air conditioning system is to cool the ambient air. Human beings in the house continuously dissipate energy in the form of heat. This increases the ambient air temperature of your home. The domestic air conditioning system transfers this excess heat to the external environment, thus keeping the internal temperature stable and comfortable.

  •   Dehumidifying

Dehumidification is the removal of moisture content in the air to keep the internal air’s humidity at acceptable levels. This is achieved by reducing the temperature of the air to the Dew Point. Dew Point is the temperature at which moisture content in air converts itself to droplets, which are collected and removed. 

Most modern residential air conditioning has a dehumidification cycle during which the compressor runs & the fan is slowed down to minimum speed. This reduces the evaporator temperature & condenses more water. 

If the temperature falls below the pre-set value, both the compressor & fan are cut off. This process prevents the moisture from leaking back into the room.

Commercial air conditioning

These types of air conditioning are used in spaces more extensive than your home, for example – Office Space, Shops & Cafes. As they serve various purposes, they have different heating or cooling capabilities, multiple designs & layouts. They may differ in sizes, shapes & capacities, but they use the same operating principle as the domestic air conditioning system and maybe wall-mounted or roof-mounted. They ensure the available space is utilized to the maximum & reduce exposure to their noisy operation. 

 The major types of Commercial Air Conditioning are:

  • Single Split System

These are the simplest & most affordable ones. They cover individual rooms, making them ideal for small cafes, restaurants, small offices & server rooms. 

The main advantage is that even if one system breaks down, the other ones are unaffected. They consume more space than others.

  • Multi-Split System

They are similar to single split systems but can connect nine indoor units to one outdoor unit. These are preferred in larger institutions like hospitals, corporate offices & big restaurants. 

As they have fewer outdoor units, your building’s look is preserved, but the system is complicated and requires more ductwork than single split systems. They can combine multiple internal wall or ceiling mounted air conditioning units like air curtains at the entrance. However, these are a little more expensive & hence are popular with larger organizations.

  • VRF/VRV System

VRF stands for Variable Refrigerant Flow, VRV for Variable Refrigerant Volume. These are the best solutions for medium to large offices and are also the most cost-effective. They are incredibly efficient, reliable, easily controlled & capable of satisfying all the cooling requirements of larger buildings. But again, these are complicated systems, so it is much difficult to maintain.

Some of the leading brand stocked by Hamilton Air Conditioning are listed as below:



Residential Air Conditioning

Commercial Air Conditioning


Japanese multinational air conditioning manufacturing company with a long experience in making the best quality air conditioning systems




Manufacturers & Global Suppliers of World-Class Air-Conditioning Systems with best in class energy efficiency & comfort




Mitsubishi are world leaders in air conditioning technology for residential, commercial & industrial applications. They provide exemplary performance in diverse climatic conditions, are very energy-efficient with minimum environmental impact.




Fujitsu is the best Air Conditioning Solution Provider for all your residential and commercial air conditioning needs.



Being the leading air conditioning contractor, the exclusive services provided by Hamilton Air Conditioning are:

Air conditioning service

They take the air conditioning system of your choice and integrate it with your building, such that it works seamlessly with your daily life.

Air conditioning installation

They provide complete installation services for your newly purchased air conditioning system. Be sure to give them a call.

Air conditioner maintenance

Their maintenance services are setting precedents in the industry. They are diligent experienced servicing experts who can fix any and all problems with your air conditioning systems.

Air conditioning repair

All machines eventually break down. But with efficient and agile repair services they ensure that they are not down for long. They have the best repair & service stations in the country.

Matthew Connery
By: Matthew Connery

Matthew Connery is the Director of Hamilton Air Conditioning in London. He is a skilled Business Strategist who delivers energy-efficient and cost-saving solutions to commercial and domestic clients from leading air conditioning brands. 

Dec 09 2020