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Server Room Air Conditioning

Server Room Air Conditioning

Computer server rooms are imperative to every organisation, and so is server room air conditioning. Why, you ask? In an overheated environment, servers might slow down, shut down, or even crash – resulting in a loss of crucial data. To keep your organisation’s data safe, you must ensure that servers don’t get overheated. Hamilton Air Conditioning presents the perfect cooling solution for your expensive servers.

Hamilton Air Conditioning has been installing air conditioners in server rooms for more than three decades. Whether your requirement is to cool a single server or the entire room, we offer solutions as per your needs. Hamilton’s skilled team has devised an impressive range of data centre cooling systems.

Our expert team of trained professionals will work diligently to deliver effective, sustainable solutions. So, you can remain stress-free about the security of your server room data and focus on more important matters.

You Keep on Heating New Targets as we Prevent Your Server From Overheating

Our 30+ years of experience in installing top-quality server room air conditioners have given us the prowess to provide customised solutions to institutions. With thousands of happy clients, we know exactly what you need.

Here’s how we achieve excellence.

  • No matter how big or small the task is, we always provide a free site survey and free quotes to begin with
  • Once you accept our quote, we will make the necessary arrangements to install the specialised cooling system.
  • Our trustworthy and efficient team possesses the training required to install air conditioners in a server room without disrupting your work or causing any harm to your servers.
  • Our service team will stay in touch with you throughout the installation process. We will also guide you regarding the upkeep of the system for long-term performance.

We take necessary precautions to ensure your premises are safe and clean during the installation. We also avoid cheap models and work with high-performing, robust units to ensure longevity.

Ideal Air Conditioning Systems to Keep Your Server Room Cool

Wall Mounted Air Conditioner

Wall-mounted air conditioners are most commonly used in server rooms, and the reasons are many. First, the air blows directly on the server, thus keeping it absolutely cool. They can also be purpose-built to deliver constant and intense cooling that a server room demands.

If properly maintained, wall-mounted air conditioners offer the most cost-effective way of cooling decent-sized server rooms.

Portable Air Conditioner

Portable air conditioners work like magic in emergencies. These AC units require no installation and can be easily moved around. You can keep these movable machines handy to provide added cooling in any particular area. The drawbacks of portable air conditioners include annoying noise, frequent draining of water, and inefficiency in cooling large rooms.

Under Ceiling Units

Under-ceiling air conditioners are also frequently installed in server rooms. These are quite useful when there is a need for a higher-powered solution than a wall-mounted air conditioner. The extra power can easily cool large spaces with hundreds of servers, like in a Bitcoin mining firm.

The under-ceiling unit must be placed away from electronic devices to minimise damage in case of leakage. It’s also difficult to maintain and clean the machine.

Why Should Partner with Hamilton Air Conditioning?

Server Room air conditioning systems work best when tailored to suit the unique requirements of an organisation. Hamilton Air Conditioning is fully certified and among the leading air conditioning service providers in the UK.

Here are five reasons why our customers keep coming back to us for cooling solutions.

  1. 10-year warranty- We offer a class-leading warranty of 10 years on all our air conditioning installations.
  2. Modern, Energy-saving Installations- All our air-conditioning solutions are not just effective but also come in modern designs. In addition, we also make use of the latest technologies to design energy-efficient cooling solutions.
  3. Specialized Solutions- We will recommend customised solutions that work best for your server room according to its size and cooling requirements.
  4. Zero Hidden Costs- We’ve zero hidden charges. You’ll only need to pay the amount we quote after a free site survey.
  5. Industry-leading Customer Support- From the day of installation, our expert technicians will always stay in touch with you for regular maintenance of the system

So, don’t risk seeing a total meltdown of computer systems from overheating and implement precautionary measures to keep your servers cool and healthy.

Matthew Connery
By: Matthew Connery

Matthew Connery is the Director of Hamilton Air Conditioning in London. He is a skilled Business Strategist who delivers energy-efficient and cost-saving solutions to commercial and domestic clients from leading air conditioning brands. 

Dec 02 2022