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  • Running Your AC in Winter: Yes or No? All Your Questions Answered

Running Your AC in Winter: Yes or No? All Your Questions Answered

Running Your AC in Winter: Yes or No? All Your Questions Answered

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Running an air conditioner in the winter is unusual for many people. This is due to their misconception that an air conditioner only produces cool air. On the other hand, if your commercial air conditioning contains a working heating element, it may also be utilised in the other direction. However, many people are still unsure about this because of the type of AC they use. Let’s clear those doubts today!

3 Problems Faced When Using A Traditional Ac in Winter

Most of the traditional ACs do not support heating as they are not equipped with reversible functioning or heating elements. Their only purpose is to cool the room on a hot day and provide air circulation.

When it is cold outside, running the AC puts a heavy burden on the unit, which might lead to issues. However, you can keep your AC in excellent shape for a very long period if you maintain it with the aid of Hamilton Aircon.

The following issues arise from using a typical AC for an extended period of time in the winter:

1. Loss of Lubrication

The compressor of the air conditioner needs lubricants to operate correctly. The lubricant may thicken and lose some of its effectiveness throughout the winter. The compressor is put under stress due to the absence of lubrication, which might lead to a seizure.

2. Overheated Compressor

ACs need to work extra hard in the winter to keep the indoor space warm. Traditional ACs cannot handle this extra workload. In the winter, your compressor will have to work harder to maintain a warm interior. The compressor might become overheated as a result and suffer damage. Thus, it is a good idea to call a technician from Hamilton Aircon to examine your AC once in a while.

3. Coils Freezing

In the summer, water leaks from the outside unit. Due to the cold temperatures throughout the winter, this condensed water may freeze. Additionally, the cooling coils may become clogged with this frozen water and become damaged. As a result, you should wait a few hours before turning on your air conditioner to let the ice melt.

How to Use A Modern AC in the Winter?

Selective modern ACs can work efficiently in both seasons. This is because they are equipped with a reversible mini-split heat pump that warms up the indoor space during the cold winters.

But because most air conditioners are made for the summer, they will need to work more in the winter to keep your house warm. A reversing valve mechanism is utilised in this situation to allow an AC to perform somewhat similarly to a heating system.

Benefits of Heat Mode in An AC

The room will be filled with warm air from the AC until the desired temperature is reached and the room is warm. The outside unit’s inverter compressor starts to slow down and ultimately stops functioning temporarily once the desired temperature is acquired. The heating turns back on as soon as the room’s temperature decreases. Benefits of the heat mode in an AC include:

1. Heats Up the Home

When it is chilly outside, an air conditioner generates heat that keeps your home cosy and toasty. It is best to have your AC serviced before the cold weather arrives.

2. Using an AC Unit as a Heater May Control Humidity

The doors and windows capture humidity in the winter. Running the air conditioner will assist in reducing indoor humidity. Therefore, using an AC heater is a wise decision.

3. Modern ACs Help You Optimise Your Available Space

Real estate is very expensive because of how we live in cities nowadays. The cost of space is high. The extra space that would have been occupied by any heating apparatus is also saved when we use the air conditioner as a heater in the winter.

4. Enhanced Security

Typically, an AC is installed too high for children to reach. The height of conventional heating apparatus and oil heaters is relatively low. By using an AC that also functions as a heater, we can keep children and unintentional touches away from them and improve safety.


So if you are wondering if you can use your AC in winter, then you should know that there is no direct answer to it. Basically, it depends on when your AC was manufactured. Traditional, older ACs can heat up the room, but their internal mechanisms will suffer. Hence, it is better to invest in a modern AC from Hamilton Aircon that can heat up the indoor space in winter and cool it down in summer


Matthew Connery
By: Matthew Connery

Matthew Connery is the Director of Hamilton Air Conditioning in London. He is a skilled Business Strategist who delivers energy-efficient and cost-saving solutions to commercial and domestic clients from leading air conditioning brands. 

Jan 20 2023