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Refrigeration Maintenance

What is Refrigeration Maintenance?

A robust refrigeration system is an integral part of their everyday operations for businesses or homes with perishable goods. Unfortunately, a refrigeration equipment breakdown can bring your business to a standstill, especially if you are in the food and beverage industry. Although this equipment is of utmost importance to your business, chances are that you take them for granted.

It is important to keep this mission-critical equipment running reliably and efficiently. And the only way to effectively do that is by undertaking refrigeration maintenance.

In this blog, let’s find out what your business stands to gain from a well-maintained refrigeration unit and the best practices to undertake to avoid an untoward breakdown.

What do you Gain with Regular Refrigeration Maintenance?

A breakdown in the refrigeration unit can prove disastrous to your business, disappoint your patrons and ruin your standing in the market.

Prolong the Life of Your Equipment

One of the first benefits of commercial refrigeration maintenance is equipment longevity. When the machine runs on worn-out parts, it reduces its value and requires excessive repairs. Conversely, when equipment or machinery is well-maintained, it prolongs its life and efficiency.

Avoid losses due to emergency breakdowns

Businesses dread the prospect of their refrigerator or walk-in freezer breaking down suddenly. But, unfortunately, a commercial refrigeration breakdown can spike your anxiety levels and increase thousands of pounds in losses.

Avoid the Cost of Neglect

The cost of neglecting to maintain commercial refrigeration units plays a significant part in your business operations. A refrigeration breakdown could mean several things to your business, such as loss of business, loss of products, increased energy costs, loss of customer trust, poor health standards, and increased repairs and replacement costs.

Reduce Electricity or Energy Bills

Another reason you should consider maintaining your refrigeration systems is that it plays a crucial role in reducing your electricity or energy bills. In addition, a worn-out system will run for longer hours, eventually drawing more power to work.

Prevent Contamination

If the refrigeration units are not cleaned and properly maintained, you could risk contaminating the food by allowing harmful bacteria and fungus to thrive.

Handy Checklist to Keep your Commercial Refrigeration at Peak Performance

While getting expert help for commercial refrigeration installation is half the battle, we believe proper refrigeration maintenance is equally important.

Here’s a meticulously prepared checklist for you.

Weekly Checklist – Refrigeration Maintenance to Do

There are a few things that, as a business owner, you can do to maintain the health of your refrigeration systems. However, we advise you to delegate the more critical and complex tasks to the experts.

Check Temperature Settings

Regularly checking the temperature settings of your refrigeration system can prove quite useful in the long run. An ideal temperature should be maintained throughout the working time – not too high or too low.

Maintain Defrost Schedule

A weekly defrost schedule or as recommended by the manufacturer, is ideal for prolonging the system’s life.

Avoid Overcrowding

No one likes to overcrowd – least of all your refrigeration unit. So ensure enough space inside the unit so the cold air can circulate easily and the system doesn’t create hot and cold spots.

Clear Our Clutter

In addition to interior airflow, your refrigerator also needs ample exterior airflow. A cramped space will block the exhaust vents, heating the unit considerably. It, in turn, pushes your system to work harder to maintain in-unit temperature.

Look For Leaks

Although you might not be equipped to seal leaks, you should constantly look for leaks. Gasket or door seal leaks are the most common, allowing cold air to escape from the unit.

Monthly/Yearly Checklist – Refrigeration Maintenance to Delegate

You certainly can take care of a few things from your end, yet, we believe thoroughly professional service is necessary to keep your refrigeration units in top shape.

Clean Condenser and Evaporator Coils

Over time with use, evaporator coils get dirty and grimy, causing the compressor to heat up and lose efficiency. A professional can clean the coils using the right tools and techniques.

Check Compressor and Fan Motor

A professional will look at the fan motor and compressor to ensure they don’t need replacement. However, if signs of an impending failure loom large, experts would recommend the replacement of parts.

Thoroughly Inspect Parts for Wear and Tear

Your refrigeration boxes have tons of intricate parts, and it is important to inspect them thoroughly for wear and tear. A professional can spot these critical parts and ensure repair or replacement is done before the entire system breaks down.

Clean out Hinges, Gaskets and Cracks for Leaks

Gaskets and door hinges should always be cleaned and lubricated to create a tighter seal around the door. When cracks in the exterior wall, cold air tends to seep out, forcing the system to overwork.

Inspect Refrigerant Level

A professional refrigeration maintenance expert will ensure the refrigerant levels are always maintained. And, when it is suspiciously low, you should fix it immediately. Otherwise, it can lead to system failure.

Inspect Electrical Wires and Connections

One of the most common refrigeration repairs London technicians come across is a heavy load on the system that causes frequent circuit breaker tripping. Loose wires or improper connections could cause sudden system breakdowns or run-up electricity bills. 

3 Reliable Best Practices to Ensure Prevent Refrigeration Failure

Refrigeration maintenance London experts have developed the three most reliable practices that prevent refrigeration failure.

Be Proactive

Being proactive when maintaining your refrigeration unit is the best form of maintenance – nothing works quite like it. Don’t wait till your unit gives up. In the beginning, continuously checking for impending issues and spotting problems will help you prevent emergency breakdowns you weren’t prepared for.

Leave it to the Professionals

Yes, you can take certain proactive steps to avoid an impending breakdown. Yet, sometimes leaving it to the experienced professionals works best. Unless you are a qualified refrigerator technician who knows a thing or two about refrigeration units, we suggest you don’t think about taking a screwdriver or a wrench to pry that unit open.

Choose the Right Experts

Beyond basic cleaning and decluttering, commercial refrigeration maintenance is best undertaken by specialists. Since the refrigeration system plays a crucial role in your business, ensure you hire the right persons for the job. But what should you keep in mind?

How to Choose the Right Refrigeration Maintenance Experts for your Needs?

Start by researching the right experts for your refrigeration maintenance needs to get value for your hard-earned money.

Look for Experience

Nothing trumps experience – always go in for someone with ample experience handling various industrial refrigeration maintenance requirements. Opt for someone with hands-on experience in refrigeration installation, replacements and repair so that they know what’s wrong with your system. 

Look for Skill

Skilled and certified professionals trained to deliver high-quality work can provide tailor-made solutions for your specific maintenance needs.

Look for Availability

We don’t know when we might need maintenance or repair services, so hiring any agency that offers 24 / 7 services is best.

Look for Transparency

Always work with someone ready to share information – about their work, the problems in your refrigeration systems, their billing, timelines for work completion, their credentials and more.

Look for Safety

Every professional commercial refrigeration maintenance expert will ensure that they provide safe and quality repair work that doesn’t threaten individuals, staff, patrons and the property.

Look for Reviews

Before signing on the dotted line, always check for online reviews and word-of-mouth suggestions. Trustable, certified and reliable service providers will ensure they deliver impeccable quality work at competitive prices without any hassles.

Matthew Connery
By: Matthew Connery

Matthew Connery is the Director of Hamilton Air Conditioning in London. He is a skilled Business Strategist who delivers energy-efficient and cost-saving solutions to commercial and domestic clients from leading air conditioning brands. 

Dec 03 2022