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Installing an A/C Unit: Everything You Need to Know

Installing an A/C Unit: Everything You Need to Know

Deciding that your home would benefit from air conditioning is just the first step of an exciting journey. Finding the right air conditioning home installation service to give advice and guidance is essential to make sure you choose a system that is not only suitable for your property but will be long lasting and cost-effective.

Our air conditioning company, London, has a full range of AC systems available to suit your requirements. When it comes to air conditioning, London is a place where popularity is growing. Whilst measures are in place to try and keep the city’s air clean, many people are opting to have AC installed so that they can live in a comfortable and clean environment.

Types of Air Conditioners

With both domestic air conditioning installation and commercial air conditioning installation available, it can be difficult to know which one is best for your needs. Take a look at the main types that your house could benefit from.

Central Air Conditioner

Central air conditioners, or ducted systems, are great for large homes or for when you have multiple rooms that you want to keep cool at once. These work by using a split system to regulate the cool air through ducts that are installed throughout your home. The split system has an outdoor condenser and compressor unit, with an indoor unit of evaporator coils and air handler.

This type of system connects all of the rooms and so created a cooler and evenly regulated environment throughout the home. However, the system is quite costly to run.

Ductless Mini-Split AC System

The ductless mini-split system is a great alternative to a central AC unit for homes that do not need all rooms cooled or for people who don’t want to have ducts running through the home. These systems also have outdoor and indoor units, with the indoor units being wall-mounted and capable of providing a different temperature for each room where they are installed.

This makes the ductless mini-split easy and more convenient to install. However, larger homes may struggle to cool down with these indoor units.

Window Air Conditioner

Window air conditioners are single units that eject heat from the outdoor side of the unit and blow cool air into the room from the inside part of the unit. This type of system is installed in a window or wall and have long been the AC of choice for smaller spaces. They are perfect for single rooms, and the larger versions are even capable of cooling a small single-story or open-plan space.

Window AC units are easy to maintain and cost much less to install and run. Depending on the model, they can be noisy when turned on, and they will obviously take up some of the window space and reduce your view.

Portable Air Conditioner Units

As with window AC units, a portable air conditioner is a single unit with all components enclosed. However, as the name suggests, this unit is free-standing and can be moved around your home. This means that they do not require any permanent installation and are a great option if you only want temporary cooling of a single space.

Some people aren’t keen on these units taking up floor space, and depending on the model, they can be noisy during operation.

Floor Mounted Air Conditioner Units

Floor mounted AC units are the perfect option if you can’t install the ductless mini-split unit on a wall. Fragile materials such as glass or angled walls make installing AC units difficult, and wall-mounted units offer a great solution.

They work in a similar way to the ductless mini-split with an outdoor and indoor unit and no need for complex installation. They are easy to maintain and take up very little space. However, they can struggle with cooling down large rooms.


If you’ve got to the point of deciding that you need to invest in an AC system, now is the time to think about what you need to consider before making up your mind about which AC unit is best for you. As an expert in air conditioning installation London, we have shared seven things you need to think about before you spend your money on a new unit.

Set-up and Running Costs

This includes the set-up cost of the unit and the running costs. When choosing your unit, don’t be tempted by the cheapest offer. Make sure to ask air conditioning companies about the energy consumption of the unit so that you know roughly how much it is going to cost to run your unit. The last thing you want is to have AC installed and not be able to afford to turn it on!

Space Needed

Different types of AC units need different amounts of space. They also need space in different areas. If you are limited on space, then you need to consider this when choosing what type of unit is going to right for your home. Air conditioning installers will be able to advise you on which unit will be suitable for the space you have.

Quality of AC System

This is particularly important if you have a larger house or multiple rooms to cool at the same time. Cutting costs by opting for a lower quality unit will usually leave you feeling frustrated as you won’t feel the benefit of the cool air as much as you would like.

You also run the risk of needing to spend more time maintaining a lower quality system or even having to have repairs carried out on a regular basis. This is particularly true if the quality of your unit is not appropriate for the space you are trying to cool. Ensure you enquire about the specification of the unit and ask for advice if you are unsure.

Air Quality

It isn’t just the quality of the unit that you need to think about. It is also necessary to consider the air quality in order to ensure the system you use can provide efficient cooling for your home. Manufacturers issue specifications for air quality, and this can be checked by air conditioning companies. It is always important to have regular checks to ensure the air quality is suitable for your health and wellbeing.


A couple of things need to be considered when you think about the installation of your AC unit. Firstly, the type of system you choose will determine how much disruption the installation process will be. If you opt for a central air conditioning system, then you are looking at a lot of installation work. However, if you go for a portable unit, there is no permanent installation.

Secondly, you need to consider the location of the installation. Units should be kept in shady areas as exposure to the sun can cause the system to overheat. You also need to ensure that wherever the unit is installed, there is a free flow of air, and it is not obstructed.


All air conditioner systems will need maintaining in order to keep the cool air pumping. Keeping on top of the maintenance of your system will also help to keep your running costs as low as possible as a well-maintained system is an efficient one. If you choose to carry out your own maintenance, you need to consider things such as how accessible the unit is. The best option is to get the experts in and enlist air conditioning installers to carry out your maintenance. Search for ‘air conditioning London’ to find suitably qualified people

Ducts or No Ducts

Whether to have a system that utilizes ducts or not is a serious consideration that should not be underestimated. It can be tempting to opt for a ductless system because of the hassle of having ducts installed.

However, if you have a large house, multiple rooms, or you don’t fancy having units on show throughout your home, a duct system may be the way forward. If you do choose a central AC system, ensure all ductwork is carried out to a high standard and repaired regularly. Inefficient ducts can leak 20% of cool air, wasting your money and leaving you in an uncomfortable environment.

What are the Benefits of Installing Air Conditioning Systems?

Air conditioning used to be found in countries with the warmest climates, but its popularity is increasing around the world. This is because there are many benefits that people often overlook. Here are five benefits to having an AC system installed.


The most obvious benefit to having AC is that you can relax in a comfortable environment, with technology allowing you to choose the temperature you would like your rooms to be.

Cleaner Living

Most people think of AC as something you have to cool down your home. However, even if you don’t need to cool your home too much, you could still benefit from AC installed. This is because it improves the air quality within your home and kills off germs.

Better for the Environment

If you choose to have an AC unit installed now, you will be choosing from a range of products that have been designed to be eco-friendly. Modern systems create less pollution, so if you have an old system, you will benefit from having it updated.

Increase Efficiency

As many people are working from home or engaging in hobbies at home, it is a beneficial consideration that the installation of an AC unit can improve performance and efficiency. The cooler environment with less heat in the air allows people to feel less stressed.

Range of Options

Modern AC units come in all different shapes and sizes to suit all the different homes people have. There are also systems for most budgets to allow many more people to enjoy the cool, clean air. You can also opt to have smart air conditioning, which means you can control your AC unit and set your desired temperature all from your smartphone.


Experienced air conditioning installers are always the best option when it comes to installing your AC system. It may be tempting to carry out this work yourself, especially with the simpler systems. However, there are many reasons why you should leave it up to the experts. Here are four reasons:

Better Efficiency

An AC expert will install your system in an expert way, and this is important when it comes to the efficiency of your unit. Air conditioning unit installation is not just about fitting the system. It involves understanding how the system works, the best location and making sure everything works in the best way to keep your system efficient.


For air conditioning installation, London companies will understand the needs of your area. Whether you live in a small apartment, shared space or a large house, you need an AC system that meets your needs. If your system is too large, then you will waste money, but if it is too small, it won’t cool your home.

Refrigerant Levels

Did you know that refrigerant is a liquid that exists in your AC unit to make your indoor air cool? The level of this liquid is important in keeping your system running and keep your home cool. The wrong amount of refrigerant causes issues that can be difficult to troubleshoot yourself. Air conditioning companies will check this at the point of installation.

Peace of Mind

Having a professional air conditioning unit installation will give you peace of mind. If there is a problem, the air conditioning company will rectify this and ensure your system is in perfect working order.

If you are considering having air conditioning installed in your home, then make sure you find out everything you need to know about air conditioning. London homes are increasingly having AC installed to keep the occupiers cool and the air quality clean. So whether you want a Daikin air conditioning unit, Toshiba air conditioning unit, Fujitsu air conditioning unit or Mitsubishi air conditioning unit, Hamilton Air Con is here for you!

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Mar 15 2021