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How Often Does an Air Conditioner Require Service?

How Often Does an Air Conditioner Require Service?

Even your expensive and feature-rich air conditioners need TLC from time to time. Otherwise, it might increase your electricity bills, struggle to work, or, worse, stop working entirely. 

Like any other piece of equipment in your home, your air conditioner also needs regular maintenance and repairs, especially before the summer’s scorching heat starts melting you. But how often is too often, and more importantly, are the maintenance checks even necessary if your air conditioning is not troubling you now?

Let’s find out. 

Are Annual Maintenance Checks Necessary?

The short answer is yes! 

Regular maintenance checks are necessary, especially when you don’t want your air conditioner to throw up annoying surprises. Before you subject your air conditioner to mandatory maintenance checks, know how much refrigerant your unit can safely hold. If your air conditioner holds more than 3 kilogrammes of coolant, ensure you honour the compulsory service checks. 

What Happens if You Don’t Service Your AC?

Without regular service and maintenance, your air conditioner can run into some serious trouble. Before eventually grinding to a complete halt, your air conditioner can show many signs that it desperately needs some care. So, what are the signs to look out for? 

  • Insufficient Cooling

One of the very first signs you might notice is insufficient cooling. However, before you call the service technicians, check the thermostat and set it to its lowest setting. If it still doesn’t work, a compressor or air flow issue could be the culprit. 

  • Poor Airflow

Insufficient airflow is another sign that your air conditioner needs that service call. The reason for poor air flow could be blocked or clogged filters, a broken motor, or more. 

  • Constant on/off cycles

Frequent cooling cycles indicate that not everything is fine with your air conditioning system. Your air conditioner’s cooling cycles should be fairly consistent. But when it becomes too frequent, think about calling the experts. 

  • Foul Odour

An unpleasant odour is almost a sure sign that your air con needs cleaning in the ductwork. A quick diagnosis will tell you that the bad odours are due to dust accumulation in the ductwork and microbial overgrowth in the air conditioner. 

  • Unusual Hum

It is normal for the outdoor unit or the condenser to give out a faint hum when the system is on. However, when the sounds become too loud, unusual, or sudden, it could mean that your air con needs immediate expert attention. Faint rattling sounds could indicate loose parts, and grinding sounds indicate something much more serious. 

  • Water leaks

Any air conditioner requires refrigerant to work, and this causes condensation. However, neither the refrigerant nor any residual water should be allowed to escape from the system. When there is an active leakage of water from your air conditioner, it indicates that your system needs immediate attention. 

Why Should I Service my Air Conditioner Regularly?

Preventive  air conditioning maintenance not only helps you save time and money but also improves the life and efficiency of the system. Let’s see how regular servicing of air conditioners helps. 

  • Clean and Fresh Air

Of course, the first benefit is clean and fresh air. 

A regularly serviced air conditioner will provide fresh, cool, and clean air devoid of pollutants, dust, and mould. During servicing, the filters and trays in your air conditioner are cleaned to remove all traces of pollutants and dust. When the filters are not cleaned, they could adversely impact indoor air quality, causing allergies, respiratory illnesses, and hypersensitivity issues. 

It is important to regularly clean the evaporation trays in your air conditioners to prevent them from becoming breeding grounds for bacterial contaminants. 

  • Extend the life of the Air Conditioner

Servicing your air conditioner regularly is probably the best way to increase its lifetime and efficiency. 

When a machine is cleaned, repaired, and tuned up, its life can be prolonged. 

The internal cleaning of your air con is as much, if not more, important than the external sprucing up. Bi-annual or annual maintenance, such as inspecting and repairing the wiring, filter, condenser, lubricator, and refrigerant level, will eventually help keep the system kicking for a few more years. 

  • Prevents Costly Repairs

Preventive maintenance can detect simple repairs and repair them, allowing you to avoid costly component replacement.

When the air conditioner is regularly looked at by a qualified AC technician, small issues can be identified before they start becoming big problems. 

For example, a clogged filter is not a major issue initially. But if it’s not identified and repaired early on, it can fry the motor and eventually force you to either buy a costly component or buy a new system. 

  • Prevents Sudden breakdowns

A sudden and emergency breakdown is not something you would wish for, especially during the sweltering summer months. 

A preventive maintenance routine will help you quickly replace dirty coils, loose wires, low refrigerant, faulty installations, and worn-out parts. When these repairs or replacements are not carried out, your system can give you a rude surprise by simply refusing to work. 

  • Save Energy Bills

A spruced-up air conditioner not only blows fresh, clean air into your home but will also reduce your energy bills in the long run. 

For example, a clogged air filter could seem like an annoying but necessary component to be looked at by the technicians. A dirty air filter loaded with dirt and grime is making your system work harder and longer to compensate for the reduced airflow. 

An air filter and blower fan circulate fresh air into your home, but a dirty one can end up using 15% more energy to draw cool air through your house. A well-maintained system saves energy consumption and money on costly repairs. 

How Does an AMC help? 

Annual maintenance is a preventive maintenance technique that helps to keep your air conditioning system running efficiently. The maintenance technician will replace dirty air filters, fill the system with refrigerant, inspect the coils and wiring work, check the thermostat and condenser, and clean away accumulated dust and debris. They will also carry out simple repairs, component replacements, and performance improvement servicing. 

Not sure how to choose the right technician for your air con needs? We believe the ideal air conditioning repair and service company should have experienced and certified technicians, have a good reputation, be trustworthy, and be transparent. 

Hamilton Air Conditioning London is a leading air conditioning installation and repair services provider that checks all of your boxes. They have the experience, knowledge, and passion to offer comprehensive air conditioning services to customers. For personalised maintenance plans, get in touch with our agents today.


Matthew Connery
By: Matthew Connery

Matthew Connery is the Director of Hamilton Air Conditioning in London. He is a skilled Business Strategist who delivers energy-efficient and cost-saving solutions to commercial and domestic clients from leading air conditioning brands. 

Jan 10 2023