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How Can I Use My Air Conditioning Unit During the Summer Heat?

How Can I Use My Air Conditioning Unit During the Summer Heat?

When summer hits, we are not just concerned about the heat that will irritate us. We are also pondering about the power bills that will hit our budget. As air conditioning  repair  is an indispensable need for summer heat, it becomes tricky to keep electricity consumption low while keeping ourselves comfortable.

This brief article is for you if you are also pondering about keeping power bills low and your house cool during the summers.

In the further sections, we will uncover some of the best methods you can use for your AC unit efficiently! We will also see what not to do during summer!

How to Use the Air Conditioning Unit Efficiently?

It is possible to use the AC unit efficiently. Here are some key pointers that will serve as a great help!

1. Don’t Keep the Temperature too Low

One of the most crucial things to remember is not to keep the temperature of your AC too low. As the summer heat outside can be scorching, you must ensure that the temperature difference only affects you a little. So, it is best if you keep the temperature of the AC set at 12 degrees less than the outdoor temperature.

Keeping the AC’s temperature between 27°C and 29°C will yield sustainable cooling while controlling electricity consumption. If you live in areas like London, keep it between 21 and 25 degrees celsius.

2. Refrain from Frequent Turn-Offs

One may think that turning off your AC frequently when not required saves power bills. Well, it doesn’t. If your AC is turned ON and OFF frequently, it takes more power to restart the cooling process again.

If you keep the AC running at a constant temperature during the entire day, it will consume relatively less power. The ideal temperature for less power consumption is 27°C to 29°C.

3. Use Sleep Mode

While using the air conditioner at night, it is a smart move to use sleep mode. Sleep mode is an intelligent AC mode that automatically adjusts the temperature of the AC at night and switches OFF after some time.

The sleep mode ensures that you sleep soundly without worrying about overusing the air conditioning unit.

What Not to Do While Using Your AC Unit in Summer?

So, we know what to do for efficient AC functioning during the summer. Here are some things that you are required to avoid!

1. Not Using a Fan

If you have AC in only one room and need cooling in all the rooms at a faster rate, then AC will not be enough. On top of using an AC, you should also use a fan. As the cool air is heavy, it accumulates wherever it is released. Therefore, you must use a fan to circulate the air.

This will help in cooling the entire house faster. Thus, saving you a lot on power bills.

2. Keeping the Doors and Windows Open

That’s pretty obvious, right? The basic working of an air conditioner is taking in hot air from the room, passing it over a refrigerant, extracting the heat, and delivering the cold air into the room. In the case of a window AC, keeping the doors and windows nearby can lead to the intake of hotter air that just got released.

Not only the nearby windows, if you have windows anywhere in the room that is open, consider closing them to get maximum efficiency and comfort.

3. Ignoring the Health of an Air Filter

An air filter is the health protector of your AC. It does not matter how clean your room is; some tiny dust particles accumulate in the air filter whatsoever. These accumulated particles can make the machine work harder to pull the air in. Thus, boosting your energy bill by 15%.

To ensure that this does not happen, keep a check on the air filter of your AC. Replace it every 1 or 3 months based on the type of usage. If your AC has removable filters, you can clean them by rinsing them.

4. Keeping Off the Maintenance

If you have an AC and you are not keeping its maintenance as per schedule, it is not going to work as intended for long. Yes, it has been working fine since you bought it, but no matter how happy you are with its performance, you need to get it maintained once before the beginning of the summer season.

If you hear grinding or smell something weird from it, check it immediately.


Cost-cutting is necessary when the summers are near, especially on power bills. However, it does not mean you should keep yourself from being comfortable at home. Make sure that you keep all the described things in mind to keep your home cool and power costs low. If you need any assistance regarding air conditioning services, you can Get in Touch with the professionals at Hamilton Air Con.

Matthew Connery
By: Matthew Connery

Matthew Connery is the Director of Hamilton Air Conditioning in London. He is a skilled Business Strategist who delivers energy-efficient and cost-saving solutions to commercial and domestic clients from leading air conditioning brands. 

Jan 24 2023