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Getting the Best From Your A/C Unit: A Self Maintenance Guide

Getting the Best From Your A/C Unit: A Self Maintenance Guide

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If you are considering installing air conditioning in London, then purchasing a unit is only the first part of the process! The most important part of owning an A/C unit is regular maintenance, and any air conditioning contractor will talk you through what you need to do to avoid any unnecessary bills in the future.

At Hamilton Air Con we are proud to be a leading air conditioning company in London. We have the hint, tips and advice you need to keep your a/c unit functioning properly for many years to come. Take a look through our guidance and then get to work – your A/C unit will thank you for it!

Why Does My A/C Need Maintenance?

When you have domestic air conditioning in London, it is essential that you take care of it so that it continues to work well for many years to come and provides you with the healthiest air to breathe.

By being proactive in the maintenance of your A/C, you can look forward to owning a unit that is efficient and effective when you need it the most. For example, by changing your air filter on a regular basis, you can look forward to lower costs, higher efficiency and better air quality.

In addition to having a machine that works well, maintaining your A/C can potentially save you a lot of money. By keeping on top of issues as they arise, you will reduce the amount you end up spending on repairs and replacement. Plus, if you fail to look after your A/C unit, then you may end up with a broken machine and a period of time without A/C until you can get an engineer in to repair it for you.


When you use residential air conditioning in London, then you probably don’t even think much about it until it stops working properly, and then you will wish that you had maintained it regularly! However, there are more benefits to regular maintenance than just making your A/C work properly – check out our top five below.

Your A/C Will Be More Energy Efficient

One of the most popular reasons we are asked to provide air conditioning maintenance London is to help A/C owners to improve their energy efficiency without losing access to the cool air. Servicing your A/C unit on a regular basis will ensure that each component is clean and working properly so that your energy bills will not increase as time goes on.

Your A/C Will Last for Longer

Most A/C units are expected to last anywhere between 15 and 20 years when they have been properly looked after. However, many consumers find that their units need replacing after ten years because they failed to ensure adequate air conditioning service. London customers will need to be especially careful as poor air quality can clog your filters faster, requiring more maintenance.

Your A/C Will Perform More Quietly

When your air conditioning has not been properly maintained, then you may find that it is noisy when in use. By investing in air conditioning maintenance, London-based consumers can keep their machines quieter for longer and enjoy a more peaceful night’s sleep.

Your Air Will Be Healthier

When you live in a city, your exposure to poor air quality is heightened, making an A/C unit a great way to reduce the pollution in your air. However, failure to maintain your unit will reduce the effectiveness and allow dirty air to circulate. Cleaning your air filter on a regular basis is a simple and highly effective way to maintain your health and the cleanliness of your environment.

Your A/C Will Be More Reliable

The thought of your air conditioner stopping working at any time is bad enough, but if it happens on a hot day, your environment will easily become unbearable! Maintaining your residential air conditioning in London will ensure that you do not need to pay out for emergency support or replace a unit before its time, plus you will be able to rely on it more, resulting in peace of mind even on the hottest days.

How Often Should I Service My Air Conditioner


Working out how often you should arrange an air conditioning contractor to service your unit may be confusing, especially if your unit is working without any problems. The best way to proceed is to arrange an annual service as you would with other appliances. Your unit may appear to be in good working order, but regular servicing will help you to avoid unexpected breakdowns and plan for the future when the unit begins to show signs of deterioration.

What Happens When You Don’t Maintain Your HVAC System?


Failing to maintain your system can result in many unexpected problems that are expensive to resolve. Regular maintenance is not just a service that tells you whether your machine is functioning or not, but the air conditioning contractor will clean all the components and replace any parts that need it without you needing to go without the cool air you enjoy. Check out some of the common problems that occur when people fail to arrange annual servicing.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

If your thermostat is malfunctioning, then you will find that it might not turn on or off when it should, increasing your energy bills and reducing your comfort levels. In addition to your comfort, a malfunctioning thermostat will have a negative impact on your unit and its ongoing ability to do its job.

Poor Coil Health

Failing to maintain your air conditioning will also result in your coils experiencing a dirt build-up that stops them from working properly. If your coils get too dirty, then your unit will stop working efficiently, and the amount of cool, clean air that is produced will drop.

Dirty Filter Parts

One of the most common reasons that A/C units fail to work effectively is that the filters are dirty. Using an air conditioning company in London to arrange regular services means that your filter will be regularly replaced, and the dirt, allergens and other particles will be stopped as they try to enter your home.

Blockages in Your Condenser

The part of your A/C that condenses works hard to keep your air cool and at the temperature you set. However, if this part gets blocked, it will rise in temperature and be unable to send out the cool air that you need to be comfortable. If this issue is then left unresolved, it could result in burn out and an expensive repair bill.

Power Problems

One of the most important parts of our air conditioning service London, is to check that your unit is properly turning on and off. Power problems are a huge source of frustration for our clients as they stop you from being able to run your machine the way you need to.

Blower Problems

If your blower is not clean enough, then it will use more energy to run and cost you money for less reliability. Rather than waiting until the unit fails, use our air conditioning company in London to arrange your annual service.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Checklist

If you own domestic air conditioning in London, then you need our maintenance checklist to help you understand what an A/C engineer will do during a service.

Coil Cleaning

All the dirt and dust that builds up over the year can have a damaging effect on your A/C unit. This is why one of the first steps an engineer will take is to clean them thoroughly so that they can continue to keep you cool.

Drain Checking

It’s possible that your drain can become clogged over time, and so your engineer will remove any mould or algae that is present to enable the unit to work properly.

Refrigerant Testing and Checking

The engineer will also check that your unit is using the right level of refrigerant as well as ensuring that there are no leaks present nor any signs of future leaks that need to be addressed.

Fin Straightening and Cleaning

Every A/U unit has aluminium fins that bend easily and reduce the airflow to your system. Each fin will be straightened and cleaned to increase the system’s efficiency.

Airflow Checking

Measuring the airflow will allow the engineer to work out if there are any leaks that need to be sealed so that the unit can work to its full capacity.

Control and Terminal Checks

Making sure that your control board is functioning properly with tight connections will ensure that there is no chance of operational breakdown.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips


Keeping your unit in good working order is essential if you want the best results. By completing your own regular maintenance on your domestic air conditioning in London, you will make your annual service run as smoothly as possible. Follow our top four tips for a healthy A/C Unit.

Change Your Air Filters Regularly

If you have one-inch pleated filters, you will need to change these on a monthly basis to keep your machine in the best condition. If you are unsure which filters your machine uses, then contact our air conditioning company in London, and we will help.

Clean Your Coils

Both the evaporator and condenser coils will build up dirt and grime over time. Rather than waiting for your annual service, why not arrange for an engineer to come out and clean them? This is especially important if you have noticed that your machine is not producing air that is as cool as normal.

Maintain the Exterior of Your Unit

Letting plants grow over the outside cover of your A/C unit will stop it from accessing the best airflow causing a reduction in the capability of the system. Keeping this area clear from build-up will help to enhance the performance of your machine.

Coil Fin Checking

If your fins have been bent, then you may notice the airflow has been reduced. Arranging for them to be cleaned and straightened will help maximize the effectiveness of your A/C unit.

Why it is Important to Hire a Professional for Air Conditioning Services


If you have air conditioning in London, then it is essential that you hire a professional when it comes to providing the right maintenance support. Many people wonder if this is an area they can complete for themselves but using a highly-trained professional is far more effective. We have shared some of the most important reasons why you should always turn to an air conditioning service in London when you need help with your unit.

They Have the Experience You Need

When it comes to understanding your air conditioning unit, engineers will have a wealth of experience they can draw upon to resolve any issues you are having and to perform services that will keep your machine running effectively.

They Have the Expertise You Need

When you hire an engineer, you are not just getting access to someone that has experience. You are also getting access to someone that has professional qualifications and industry experience. This means that they will be able to perform all the work you need safely and effectively.

You Won’t Invalidate Your Warranty

If your machine is still within its warranty phase and you attempt to fix it yourself, then you will invalidate your warranty and be unable to get further support should you need it. Hiring a professional will ensure that your warranty remains intact and ready to use if you need it.

To Keep Your Home Safe

Completing work on a domestic appliance can be dangerous if you do not have the right knowledge or experience. Hiring a profession will not only keep you and your loved ones safe from harm but will also ensure that your A/C unit is safe to use moving forward.

Your Engineer is Responsible

If you hire a professional and find that your unit fails after they have completed the work, then they are accountable and will either need to fix it, replace it or pay you compensation. If you attempt the work yourself, then you do not have any form of recourse should anything go wrong.

Matthew Connery
By: Matthew Connery

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