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Gas Refill Services for Home & Car

We recognise how crucial it is to have a functional air conditioning system at home and in your car. Our staff provides expert gas refill services that prolong the life of your system and improve its performance. We make sure that every refill satisfies the greatest standards of quality and safety, paying close attention to every little detail, so you can always enjoy cold, refreshing air when you need it.

Ensuring Optimal Performance

Our services, which include recharges, regas, and thorough antibacterial cleaning, guarantee that your car’s air conditioning system performs at its best, providing maximum comfort and performance while you’re driving. Your car’s air conditioning system has to be maintained on a regular basis and expertly serviced, and our technicians are qualified to handle the newest refrigerants and system technology.

Hamilton Air Conditioning Gas Refill Process

Hamilton Air Conditioning's approach to refrigerant refill is meticulously designed to ensure your air conditioning system's peak performance and longevity. Here's how we do it:

Safety Preparation

Our technicians gear up with safety equipment, including gloves and safety glasses, to handle refrigerants safely. This initial step ensures that we maintain a secure environment for both our staff and your premises.

Equipment and Site Preparation

We bring along state-of-the-art tools and the correct type of refrigerant for your specific air conditioning unit. Precise equipment setup is crucial, and involves the use of a high-quality vacuum pump and an AC manifold gauge set, readying for an efficient refill process.


System Assessment

A thorough examination of your air conditioning system is conducted to identify the suction and discharge lines. This step ensures that we select the correct point (usually the cooler-to-touch suction line) for the refrigerant refill, avoiding any potential damage to the system.


Refrigerant Extraction and System Evacuation

Before adding new refrigerant, any existing, old refrigerant is safely removed, and the system is evacuated of air and moisture. This is crucial to prevent contamination and ensure the longevity of the compressor and the effectiveness of the refill

Refrigerant Refill

With everything in place, we start the refill process, introducing the new refrigerant into your system. This step is meticulously managed to ensure that the refrigerant levels are optimal for your specific air conditioning unit’s requirements.

Documentation and Follow-Up

We document the service details and provide you with a report, including before and after refrigerant levels, pressures, and any observations made during the service. A follow-up schedule for regular maintenance is suggested to keep your system in peak condition.

Ensuring Optimal Performance for Home Air Conditioning Systems

Hamilton Air Conditioning is dedicated to maintaining the peak performance of your home air conditioning system through our comprehensive gas refill services. Understanding the critical role of a properly charged system in ensuring comfort, we emphasise:

Types of Refrigerant Gases Available at Hamilton

Refrigerant gases come in various forms for different types of air conditioners, so it's important to choose the right kind for your particular setup. Our selection of refrigerant gases is made to accommodate a variety of requirements, so your space will always be just as warm or cold as you want it to be.

R410A (Puron)

R410A (Puron)

The standard for modern air conditioners is R410A (Puron). Because it is a hydro-fluorocarbon, or HFC, the ozone layer is not harmed by it. The air conditioning unit will last longer because of R410A's superior heat transfer efficiency, which requires less effort from the AC unit to provide the same level of cooling. However, R410A operates at higher pressure than R22, so it's crucial not to use R410A in AC systems designed for R22 as it can cause the compressor to fail.

R22 (Freon)

R22 (Freon)

Previously extensively used, R22 is a hydro-chlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) that contributes to ozone depletion. Because of its negative influence on the environment, it is no longer used in new air conditioning systems. Although some older systems still utilise R22, numerous manufacturers provide conversion kits to make these systems compatible with R410A. However, conversion may be costly and may not be dependable in the long term, therefore replacing an old R22 unit with a new R410A system is typically the best solution.

Air Conditioner Gas Refill Services Near Me

Hamilton Air Conditioning is your go-to local specialist when you're looking for "air conditioner gas refill services near me." Our specialists provide top-notch service at a time and place that works best for you, whether it's the driveway at your house or the parking lot at your place of business. This method not only saves you time, but it also guarantees that professionals who put your comfort and pleasure first will replace the gas in your air conditioner.

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Pricing for Gas Refill Services

Air Conditioning Regas Price: For your home or office air conditioning units, the price of a regas can range significantly based on the specific needs of your system. Generally, the cost can vary from around £50 to £200. This broad range accounts for the different types of systems and specific regas requirements they might have​​.

Car Air Con Recharge Price: The cost of recharging your car’s air conditioning system varies based on the kind of refrigerant used. The average cost is roughly between £60 to £140. However, it is crucial to remember that this cost might vary depending on the kind of refrigerant gas your car needs.

  • For R134A Gas: This type is generally used in cars manufactured before 2014 and costs about £65 for a recharge.
  • For R1234YF Gas: This is a more environmentally friendly refrigerant used in cars made after 1st January 2017. The recharge cost for this type of gas is around £130​​.

Whether you use your air conditioning system at home, at work, or in the car, these services are essential to keeping it operating efficiently. It is advised that you get these services done on a regular basis to protect your systems from damage and to prevent pain during very cold weather. Our staff is always available to help if you have any unique needs or want more in-depth information. Get in touch with us right now to arrange your service or with any questions.

Importance of Professional Gas Refill Service

While the concept of replacing your air conditioner’s gas may seem simple, the real operation needs knowledge, accuracy, and a thorough grasp of the system’s physics. Turning to specialists for this duty is not only convenient, but also ensures that the job is done correctly, safely, and in accordance with environmental rules. Hamilton professionals constantly adhere to safety standards, providing well-ventilated working conditions, wearing suitable protective gear, and attentively following manufacturer instructions. This expert method includes appropriate disposal of refrigerant in accordance with local rules to avoid environmental impact.

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Begin Your Air Conditioner Gas Refill Journey with Hamilton

Experience the difference in air conditioner gas refill services by starting your journey with Hamilton Air Conditioning right away. Our experience, customer-focused service, and thorough upkeep for your air conditioning system guarantee that you get the best performance and peace of mind. Call 020 8202 4540 to begin your new journey with Hamilton, where efficiency meets elegance in heating and cooling systems developed with you in mind.

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