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Why Should You Sleep With Air Conditioning On?

Why Should You Sleep With Air Conditioning On?

Air conditioners are an essential item that helps keep our environment cool and effectively beat the heat in summers and cold in winters. However, a common question often discussed is whether you should sleep with your AC on or not. Though different people may have different answers to that question, we did extensive research and figured out what should be the ideal answer. 

Most scientists agree and suggest that keeping  residential air conditioning running while you sleep is completely safe. Additionally, sleeping with an AC running has numerous benefits that only a few people know about. So let us explore those benefits below.

5 Reasons to Keep Your AC Running While Sleeping!

Keeping your AC running throughout the night may not be the best energy-saver technique, but it has several advantages. Here are a few of them for you to know about

1. Get a Soothing Sleep With Your AC

A night of good sleep can help a person stay fit, healthy, and eliminate various diseases. Hence, it is crucial for all to get a good night’s sleep and keep the body healthy for day-long activities. When you turn on your AC and go to sleep, the temperature of the room becomes constant, aiding to provide better sleep. 

In addition, it assists you in maintaining the needed sleep routine, ensuring that you sleep soundly and do not come awake repeatedly while sleeping.  

2. Prevent Aging and Stay Younger With Your AC ON

Getting a sound sleep is not only the perk of using an AC while sleeping. A significant benefit that each person would love is that AC can help you stay young and postpone your ageing. When we sleep in comfort, our body releases melatonin, which is the hormone responsible for fighting symptoms of ageing. 

The more melatonin released in your body, the lesser the wrinkles would appear on your skin. Therefore, turning on your air conditioner while sleeping is a sure shot way to become younger and adjourn your ageing.  

3. Air Conditioning Can Significantly Aid in Your Weight-Loss Plan

Though diet, exercise, and gyming are considered the most significant aspects of your weight-loss program, sleep is another vital parameter that people often forget. Healthy sleeping patterns are a great way to make your workouts effective and shed away unwanted pounds. 

Without a proper sleep schedule, your weight-loss plan may not be able to deliver the expected results. Hence, you will only lose muscle mass instead of losing fat, making you more tired and unproductive throughout the day. 

4. Enhancement of Mood with Better Sleep Routine

A good and healthy sleeping pattern not only benefits your physical health but provides great advantages to your mental health. Uninterrupted sleep helps a person stay active, alert, energetic, and peaceful throughout the day. You might have noticed you tend to be more exhausted and irritated when you lack sleep. 

Conversely, you become overproductive after a good night’s sleep. That is why the trend of power naps came into existence. But with your AC on, you will not require any power naps, and with your comfortable regular sleep, you will function at optimal levels.

5. Get Rid of Insects and Parasites

It is a known fact that air conditioning filters are highly effective in keeping bugs out of your home. You might have seen wherever there is an AC, there won’t be any fleas or mosquitos flying around. It is so because your air conditioning system eliminates unwanted trapped air and fills the room with filtered air. 

This air keeps circulating in the room and creates a cool environment, which is unsuitable for the flies. Also, as the doors and windows are closed while running the AC, the flies naturally stay outside your home and do not escape into the rooms.  

Useful Practices to Follow to Make the Best Use of Your Air Conditioner

All the above reasons are enough to understand that keeping your AC on while sleeping can aid in some great benefits. However, it is necessary to follow the right practices for your AC to acquire the needed benefits. Here are some good practices that you can leverage for your AC:

  • Set your AC’s temperature to a maximum of six to seven degrees below the outside temperature for a better cooling experience. 
  • Do not direct the AC air right at you. Rather, keeping its valves upwards will provide better circulation of the AC air in the room. 
  • Clean the AC air filters regularly for a healthy and clean dispersal of air coming through your AC. 
  • Keep an efficient air conditioning maintenance routine for your AC to make it more efficient and enhance its life.

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In our opinion, the perks of sleeping with your AC on are higher than keeping it off at night. A running AC ensures you get the right environment for your sleep and you enjoy your deep sleep to the fullest without interruptions. So if you lack sleep and need a perfect sleep that can help you stay active during the day, try sleeping with your AC on. For more information related to AC, its working, and installation, Get in Touch with our expert team

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Matthew Connery
By: Matthew Connery

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Jan 05 2023