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Best AC Temperature for Sleep During Summer

Best AC Temperature for Sleep During Summer

The general problem of pollution is something that has been garnering attention worldwide. London is not something that is untouched by this concern and what is even more concerning is the fact that studies have shown that there are certain pollutants which are actually at a much higher concentration indoors than they are outside. Considering the fact that most people spend almost 80% of the time in indoors residential air conditioning, be it in terms of your office space or your home and this is even more true for children, elderly, etc. – the health hazards that are associated with breathing in air that is polluted, is something that all of us should be concerned about, and many a time it is one of the main reasons for lunch, heart diseases and honestly, if you do not mitigate it on time you will end up facing and suffering a lot of problems that could have totally been avoided.

As the best HVAC company in London, it is something that we are quite insistent about telling you, that technology today can actually offer you methods by which tackling pollution inside your home and also the kind of air that breathing indoors will become so much easier

For before we begin to enumerate upon the efforts that you can employ, let us first understand what exactly are indoor air pollutants that we are talking about. Generally, the pollutants include particulate matter like dust etc. that comes in from the exhaust of vehicles, construction and other outdoor events that can filter inside your home through your windows, doors, etc. Many a time all these particles end up also entering through the residential air conditioning which is the HVAC system of your building. Apart from this, other pollutants like pet hair, dust mites, dander et cetera can end up building up inside your home that leads to an even larger scale of pollutants accumulating and for people who suffer from allergies other breathing problems it gets much more difficult for them and only invites more illness.

We all know that congested housing is a problem everywhere and many a time due to lack of proper ventilation all these pollutants never get a chance to go outside and apart from this, other construction materials and hazards due to the cities always expanding, adds to all of this. These pollutants only end up inviting in more and more pathogens into your residential air conditioning and then before you know it you will have chronic illnesses because all of it is being distributed and into a vicious cycle. Now that we have told you enough about all these problems let us talk about the kind of technology is that HVAC systems provide today that can help you in improving the air quality of your indoors.


Everyone has come across the term UVA and UVB at some point in their lives – it could be from some cosmetics or eyewear brand which is basically types of UV radiations that people have to avoid using whatever methods of protection that they can. What you might not know is that there is something known as UVC as well, actually the most potent of the radiations and is filtered out before it even reaches the earth. You will see can be really beneficial when you are looking at purifying your indoor air and is capable of getting rid of almost any sort of virus or pathogens. This is the reason why any good HVAC company in London today, will employ the use of UVC for the purification of the air being circulated, this helps in making sure that you’re HVAC system is squeaky clean, and therefore is not being circulated throughout the length and breadth of your complex.

Well-Designed Ventilation

As basic as this sounds, this really goes a long way in helping the circulation of air. As the best HVAC company in London let us tell you that any residential or commercial space which has rooms need to have proper ventilation-it could range anywhere from having exhaust fans or ductwork that is well-designed. Generally, a well ventilated indoor space when coupled with a good HVAC technology can give you your indoor air which means that your residential air-conditioning makes sure that only clean as being circulated inside the room instead of stale air that is full of pollutants.

VRF For Controlling Humidity

Let’s begin by first telling you what is VRS, it is basically variable refrigerant flow which is responsible for controlling in the humidity residential air-conditioning. As we all know the more humid the air is the better it becomes for pathogens to breed. This means that any good HVAC company in London is going to make sure that the gauge the Indo humidity levels to understand if your air is healthy or not. And if it is not then you should really consider getting a VRF system which basically will be designed according to your needs, what is the system is smart enough to actually assess what they are and then provide you just that.

HEPA Filters

Instead of throwing just terms that you let us tell you that HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air filters, and are an extremely effective method of making sure that your residential air-conditioning stays free of air pollutants. This technology ends up trapping almost 99% of whatever air pollutants are entering your system. If you are going for this technology lookout for something known as a rating that is done on the MERV scale – all you need to know is that, that the number should be high – the larger the number the better it is in making sure that your filter is capable of handling very sized particles.

Regular Cleaning of Ductwork

As simple as this step might sound, trust us as we tell you, as the best HVAC company in London that this step really goes a long way. Regular cleaning of your ductwork means that you will get rid of a lot of dust particles and pollutants that have accumulated in the winds of your HVAC system which will obviously go a long way in purifying the air indoors. Scheduling regular maintenance of your residential air-conditioning means that you are calling professionals who deal with such problems on a day to day basis and we are well versed with making sure that your indoor air is as clean as possible. So make sure that you are getting your HVAC system cleaned up on a regular basis, once you couple it up with HVAC technology you will make sure that the quality of your indoor air is so much better already.

So there you have it, we have mentioned for you five of the best ways to make sure that you can reduce indoor pollution working in conjunction with new-age HVAC technology that is available in the market today. Special attention needs to be paid to residential air-conditioning, as it is quite imperative that you have access to cleaner air that will make sure that you stay healthy for much longer and obviously the key to a happy life is healthier air. So reach out to us if you want to make sure that the air that you’re breathing indoors is of the best quality possible and we will send over our professionals who will ensure just that.

Matthew Connery
By: Matthew Connery

Matthew Connery is the Director of Hamilton Air Conditioning in London. He is a skilled Business Strategist who delivers energy-efficient and cost-saving solutions to commercial and domestic clients from leading air conditioning brands. 

Mar 22 2020