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Residential Air Conditioning London

When the warmer seasons roll around, you can only ever do so much to keep cool.  You can circulate air in your home by opening a window or two, of course.  But is that really the best way to filter out and replenish the atmosphere from room to room?

If you’ve never considered air conditioning for your home before, why not give it a try?  Our team here at Hamilton Air Conditioning create and install custom air filtration and cooling systems for homes all across the south of England.  If you’re in need of air conditioning in London, we’re the team to call.

Whether you live in a flat or a house, our engineers will install a simple, effective air con system that you and your loved ones will benefit from all year round.  You won’t just need to flick that switch in the summer months. Air conditioning can help to reduce mugginess from season to season, and can help to retain warmth, too.

Our friendly team are regularly trained and audited to install a wide range of air con products with health and safety in mind.  With over 30 years’ experience in the trade, Hamilton has the talent, the passion and the vision to build you the perfect air conditioning system for your exact needs.

We design and supply whisperquiet air conditioning for each and every room in your home.  From bedrooms to hallways, lounges to conservatories, we’re here to recommend a variety of systems and services which we’re confident will deliver the air cleansing you require from spring through to winter.

All our parts – supplied by world leading manufacturers such as Mitsubishi, Fujitsu and Toshiba – arrive with a 5-year warranty.  This means that we will be happy to attend to and repair any problems you may experience up to five years after your initial installation.

All we require from you is that you agree to a maintenance schedule – whereby we undertake checks on your air conditioning as arranged in advance.

Don’t suffer in the sweltering heat or the bristling cold.  Call Hamilton Air Conditioning today to arrange for a free consultation on 020 8202 4540 – and you could be saying hello to a whole new world of relief for the years ahead.